How can classroom learning activities be improved?

Implementing Social Emotional Learning Activities in the Classroom

A pure and tender heart enters school as a unique individual, they get molded by genes, surrounding environment, and obviously a certain spark within themselves. The child in her/him gradually winds her/his way through the curriculum, with a strong desire to fit in — to be like everyone else around them like the elders — grows, mingled that spark that will nurture him to become a unique identity. We often see that intelligent girls and boys keep them transformed in dress, discussion, and several actions from above-average performers to average ones in an attempt to fit in.

To counteract peer pressure, teachers should include activities to help the children feel more comfortable with the people they are. A handful of those activities, which could be used with students at any grade level, are listed below. Video streaming an image says a thousand words, imagine what a video can say. Streaming video in a classroom will help to offer a clearer and complete image to the children. YouTube may be a great tool for this; chances are high to find a video clip to go with any lesson there. Shared Learning at the end of every quarter week, once every student rereads his/her journal, one can write a poem or even describe a dream or event, in order to engage the students in the classroom. 

This will help in building better and stronger communication between the teacher and students. Playing games which child doesn’t love to take part in games? Classroom study can be made all the more interesting by inculcating different games. There can be indoor as well as outdoor games. From the real world to the virtual world- games indeed make learning a joyous ride. Students will keep track of their progress and work to vie with alternative students to advance to successive levels.

Accentuate the Positive breaking the whole class into teams of 4 to 6 groups, students can focus on one member at a time. Teachers can encourage compliments that specialize in behaviour instead of one thing that can’t be altered or developed. Negative words that can put someone down should not be allowed. Each comment should be positive. One student acts as the recorder.

There are so many other activities through which a teacher can support their students to build a positive self-concept. As a teacher, no one would like to produce cookie-cutter children. Teachers love to nourish each student’s individual soul and there can be no better way than to involve them and make learning an awesome experience. As an ancient Chinese proverb says:

“I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand.”

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