Ensure 100% Learning when Teaching Online

Effective Online Classes

Covid19 has forced Teachers across the Globe to go Online. Making Online Classes interesting is a very big challenge for the Teachers. A recent survey has revealed that 84% of the teachers have been facing challenges during online classes. Thus, most schools have switched to School Apps to ensure interactive Online Classes. Vawsum, a School App is trusted by 1000+ Schools across India to ensure an awesome and wholesome learning experience.

We have tried to depict the typical process flow that many teachers on the Vawsum Platform follow. This will serve as a reference point to numerous teachers who are trying to ensure that Learning remains Awesome.

Following are some Awesome features of Vawsum;

Conduct Polls to ensure 100% Learning when Teaching Online
1. Asking for Feedback about the previous Lesson.
Send Updates to arouse interest amongst students and ensure 100% Learning when Teaching Online
2. Small note to arouse interest about Upcoming Lesson
Conduct Live Classes to ensure 100% Learning when Teaching Online
3. Send Details to Join Live Class for the Lesson
Take Quiz to gauge if students followed the lesson or not and accordingly tune the approach to ensure 100% Learning when Teaching Online
4. Small Quiz to check if students understood
Many Students do not have strong internet for Live Classes. Video reference material helps ensure 100% Learning when Teaching Online
5. Send Video Reference Material to clear doubts
Reference Material
6. Note on Key Points to Remember
7. Image with more Facts about the lesson
8. Subjective Assessments to evaluate progress
9. Full-Fledged Online Examinations

Choosing the Correct Technology Partner is very important that the Learning is Effective and students enjoy it. Book Your Free Demo today!!


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