4 reasons why Schools decided to stop using WhatsApp

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Do you also wonder why Schools decided to stop using WhatsApp?

Are you one of those schools which depend on WhatsApp for communication with parents? Did WhatsApp play a crucial role in helping run Online Classes during the Covid19 pandemic? Read on to know why did schools stop using WhatsApp.

Did this happen to You?

  • Admissions are low. They are not as per expectations.
  • Students are inattentive and hate online classes.
  • Parents are complaining that students did not learn enough at home.
  • School fees collections plummeted during the Covid19 pandemic.
  • Teachers are not happy with the Learning outcomes.

Below are the 4 reasons why Schools decided to stop using WhatsApp:

1. Zoom + WhatsApp is NOT a Learning Application

A typical day in a School using WhatsApp would be as follows:

  • Teachers take Online Classes on Zoom.
  • Teachers send Homework on WhatsApp.
  • Students submit homework on E-mails or Teachers send Answer Keys on WhatsApp.
  • Schools used Google Forms to conduct Examinations.

Demerits or Limitations of the Above System

  • Teachers have no way to understand if Students are following the lessons during the Online Classes.
  • Teachers find it very difficult to take Attendance for Online Classes and create reports.
  • Parents’ mobile phone memory gets full very soon, and soon students lose all reference material.
  • Students find it very difficult to trace old study material and communication.
  • Teachers get inundated with E-Mails and Direct messages on WhatsApp.
  • As Question Banks are not automatically created, Teachers lose all the hard work done.

Students studying from a combination of Learning Management Systems and Online Meeting tools like Zoom

  • Ask more questions
  • Enjoy lessons much more
  • Recall what they studied
  • Perform better than peers from schools that rely on WhatsApp.

2. WhatsApp is an Administrator’s Nightmare

  • Huge privacy concerns.
  • All Parents have the contact details of each other.
  • Students have phone numbers of all girls in class.
  • Moderating dialogue in an open WhatsApp group is bound to ruffle few feathers.
  • Teachers are expected to be available 24*7.
  • Teachers are expected to respond immediately.
  • Administrators find it very difficult moderating what is happening across a multitude of groups.
  • No audit record of any conversations.

3. WhatsApp is not integrated with the School Management Software

  • Students taking new admissions do not have access to content shared in the past.
  • Parents keep changing phone numbers and typically students lose out on crucial information.
  • New students get added to School WhatsApp groups very late.
  • Modules like Fees and Marksheets do not automatically integrate to it.

4. WhatsApp is FREE

  • Parents want the Best Teachers and Best Infrastructure for their Children.
  • They do not like makeshift solutions that Barely Work.
  • When entire learning is Digital, they do not want schools to cut any corners.
  • If Schools are using all FREE and ineffective products, parents are bound to grumble when paying school fees.

95% of Schools which were using all the Learning Management and Communication Modules of Vawsum increased admissions during the Last 18 Months. Parents love the app. The government has awarded Vawsum as the Best Interactive Learning App.

Contact us for a Demo today and drive admissions. Last time there was no warning. Do not be caught unprepared again.

Right to Boast0/55/5Schools cannot boast of offering a cutting edge digital learning solution after using a free product. Vawsum gives the school the opportunity to build a brand and even charge a premium from parents.
Communication3/55/51. School Conversation gets mixed with personal updates.
2. Difficult to Follow conversations in a group. The main theme gets lost after some time. Social network /feed type view is better for having topic level conversations
3. WhatsApp does not integrate with SMS
4. Sharing the same update to multiple audiences is difficult in WhatsApp
5. WhatsApp does not have features like Events, Polls.
6. WhatsApp lacks features like automated Birthday wishes.
Privacy0/55/51. Parents’ details are not shared with other Parents in Vawsum.
2. Teacher contact details remain private.
Reports0/55/51. Which Teachers are using the Product v/s which ones are not active
2. Which Parents are not logging in and getting updates
3. No past records of any conversation between any stakeholders.
Digital Learning/ Learning Management System3/55/51. Assessment module of Vawsum
2. Quiz module of Vawsum
3. Repository of Reference Material in Teaching Assistant Module
4. Online Examination Module of Vawsum
5. Digital Marksheets
Security Solutions0/55/51. Attendance module of Vawsum
2. Bus Tracking module of Vawsum
3. Escort Card module of Vawsum
4. Visitor Tracking Module of Vawsum
Growth Solutions0/55/51. Admission Enquiry module of Vawsum
2. Admission Management module of Vawsum
3. Lead Engagement Module
4. Online Admissions Module
ERP Solutions0/55/5Vawsum boasts of a suite of ERP modules like
> Fees Management
> Student Management
> Staff Management & Payroll
> Etc.

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