6 Tips For Principals To Create Unique & Impactful School Branding

6 Tips For Principals To Create Unique & Impactful School Branding

A brand is an idea that makes its own space within the consumer’s mind about a product. Branding is all about adapting an emotional connection between the product and its consumers. What catches the consumer’s eyes, appeals to their mind most. And talking of Educational Institutes, it’s no less than a product these days which are trying to attract customers and impress them. The same rules of branding go for them as well.

Here are some steps to create impactful branding for your school-

Select your targeted audience-

This is the very first step of your branding. Being an educational institution first see what kind of students, and which age groups your school aspires to have. Obviously, what attracts parents of 15-17years of age’s students, may not seem interesting or desirable to parents of Nursery kids. Your branding elements may vary depending upon your targeted age groups of students whether Nursery kids Elementary students or Senior year, students. And if your school has classes starting from Nursery to class 12 then it has to look for a midway out to create an equally attractive branding for every age group.

Analyze how your school’s branding can inspire Prospective Students-

Researching and developing your student’s persona is a key part of branding for schools. Polling and interviewing students may reveal prevalent misconceptions about your brand, which you may strive to re-shape in your promotional campaigns.

Align the school’s identity with the audience’s preferences-

Brand identity sets the schools apart reflecting their strengths, values, and mission as a place of learning. Clearly define the institute’s positive attributes and how those align with their target audiences’ aspirations, challenges, and educational preferences.

Ensure consistent brand elements across all marketing channels-

Inconsistency in the use of logos, images, and videos of the school across different marketing channels may raise confusion among students and parents when looking for school-related information. Make sure of using the same logo and images across every channel while branding the school.

Incorporate a glimpse of events conducted in your school-

Your school may not be 10 years or 50 years old, reputed but while branding Incorporate a glimpse of events conducted in your school-incorporates photos and short videos of events, celebrations, and workshops being conducted in your school. This will give a rough idea of how your school functions.

Using the latest technology-

Always keeping your school upgraded with the latest technology also directly or indirectly contributes to the school’s branding. Installation of smart classes, and using school parent mobile app are some of the ways out. School management app like Vawsum with its real-time attendance feature alerts parents by notifying them if their ward is absent from school or reaches late. Another feature in the app enables the posting of photos and videos of the school events in the app itself leaving a watermark of the school on those files when parents share them on other social media platforms. It also contributes to the school’s branding as well.

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