Accurate Information of In-Stock Books

Reports to show Due Books

Realtime status of Issued Books

Integrated Library Management System

Scan and add books to the library through the phone. Easy issue and return of books with in-app reminders.

Library Management


Vawsum's Library Management System addresses the requirements of the Librarian and the Students leveraging latest technology
Quick Deployment

Mobile App based Book addition makes going online a breeze.

Zero Investment in Hardware

Deployed on the Cloud. Can be managed from the Mobile

Increases Efficiency

Reduces errors and saves time by minimising human intervention and automating manual tasks.


Our Library Management System is designed basis inputs from 1000+ institutions
Manage Books

Now upload or add books directly from your smartphone.

Late Fine Module

Maintain Records of Late fine in-app and option to receive late fee online

Mobile App Scanner

Schools can easily scan the ISBN Number through the phone to add books. No need to add manually.


Schools and colleges can digitize their entire library with seamless operations.

Teacher Module

Easy issue of books to the faculty with proper records in the app

In-App Reminders

Now students will get reminders in the app for returning the books.

Vawsum is trusted by Institutions across the Country

''We are using the Library Module in our School. We are very happy.``
Head Librarian Sahara Ramala Vidyapeeth
''... sincere appreciation for the quality service provided by your company since 2018''
Kamran Hemmati Splendour High School, Kharagpur
''The Fees Module was a big help during the Covid19 period''
Rajiv Bhagat Mt Litera Zee School, Joka
''I love the sincerity and ownership demonstrated by the Vawsum Team''
Raju Nandi Sister Nivedita School Bagdogra

Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubts about our Library Management System beside these, feel free to reach out to us

1. Can I opt for just the Library Management System?

Yes you can. You need not pick the other modules of Vawsum

2. Is it integrated with a Mobile App?

Yes, it works both on a Desktop and an integrated mobile app.

3. I do not have any details of Books. Can I still go online?

Yes, we have a special mobile app-based book scanner. We will be able to go online in no time.

4. Do you provide software for Library Counter?

Yes, our software support both Counter and Online Library management

5. How do Students issue Books?

The Librarian issues books over the app. Students can renew on their app as well.

6. I have special rules for Late Fine. Can you configure?

Yes, we can customise the solution to your requirement

7. We have multiple Libraries basis Departments. Can you support?

Yes, our system supports multiple Department-specific libraries as well.

8. How long does it take to go live?

We can configure the system in a few hours if we have all the data