Generate Marksheets in Bulk

Parents can view Marksheets on Mobile

Ready to Use Marksheet Templates

Paperless Marksheets

A Hybrid Marksheet Generation system for both Physical Marksheet printing and Online Marksheets through the app and web.

Marks Report


With plenty of industry-leading features, Vawsum addresses the requirements of the three main stakeholders of an institution very easily: School, Students and Parents
Instant Updates to Parents

Parents will always be abreast of the Academic performance of their Children. Anytime, anywhere access.

Enhances Student Performance

Parental guidance will ensure better academic results as students cannot hide updates now

Drive Growth

Happy Parents and Teachers help develop School Brand. Collections increase due to restricted access

Save Paper

Schools and Colleges can now opt to do away with printed marksheets

Record Maintenance

Store records of academic progress for future reference

Decreases Human Error and Saves Time

Reduces errors and saves time by minimising human intervention and automating manual tasks. No dependence on external vendors.


Our Solution is designed basis inputs from 1000+ institutions
In-App Marksheet

Now Parents will be able to access the Marksheets anytime from the mobile.

Physical Marksheet

The administrator can use the Module to generate Physical Marksheets and Report Cards

Supports Grades

School can configure their own rules and logic for Grades

In-App Marks Upload

Teachers can upload the Marks of their respective subjects from mobile and web

Excel Upload of Marks

Administrator and Teachers can upload marks using Excel Upload feature

Print Bulk Report Cards

The administrator can Print Report Cards in Bulk using the module

ICSE / CBSE Templates

Schools can choose from Standard CBSE / ICSE templates for quick startup

Role-Based Access

Only staff related to the Marksheets process will have access to the relevant portions of the portal

Push Notifications

Parents will never miss the Updates from School

Restricted Visibility

The administrator can restrict the visibility of mark sheets basis non-payment of fees or other reasons

Advanced Elements

School or College can opt for advanced elements like Charts, Graphs or Pictures as well in the Printable Marksheets

Secure Access

Entry is password protected and exclusive to respective students

Vawsum is trusted by Institutions across the Country

''We are very happy with the Marksheets module. It makes things very fast and effective``
Amit Sanghai Royal Academy, Siliguri
''... sincere appreciation for the quality service provided by your company since 2018''
Kamran Hemmati Splendour High School, Kharagpur
''The Marksheet Module of Vawsum is very effective''
Prabhanjan Mishra DR. A. N. Khosla DAV Public School
''I love the sincerity and ownership demonstrated by the Vawsum Team''
Raju Nandi Sister Nivedita School Bagdogra

Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubts beside these, feel free to reach out to us

1. Can I opt for just the Marksheet Module?

Yes you can. You need not pick the other modules of Vawsum

2. Can I show highest marks obtained or attendance or grade?

Yes, we support all these features and many more. We are always open to new inputs

3. Is it very difficult to use?

We handhold our clients in the entire journey. Our past experience of onboarding so many schools is a huge asset for you.

4. Can I print the Marksheets in house?

Yes, you can print the mark sheet inhouse. No special arrangement required.

6. Can I customize the design of the Marksheet?

Yes, we can customize the Design of the Marksheet basis your inputs

7. Can I stop few students from accessing their marksheets?

Yes, you can customise access to mark sheet to individual students.

8. Can my Teachers upload marks from their home?

Yes, teachers can upload marks from their mobile phones or their computers. They can enter marks one by one or through an excel upload as well.

9. How long does it take to go live?

We can configure the system in a few hours if we have all the data