Vawsum-India’s top school app: It’s not just about the app, it’s the product experience

Vawsum-India's top school app: It's not just about the app, it's the product experience

Vawsum is one of India’s top school app. At Vawsum we interface with more than 1000 schools and more than 300K learners on a daily basis.

These are terrific numbers for a young organization but it’s not the app really, it’s the core principle on which we base our app – ‘Know thy user’! It’s much more evolved than any other school parent mobile app.

We realised that the schools, students, and parents ecosystem needed enrichment – a better, seamless, and secure way to communicate and thus was born Vawsum version 1.

And as the great Steve Jobs would say ‘You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where can I sell it.’ This formed the core, which helped develop the school app for parents in India.

Since the days of Version 1, we have come a long way. The richness of features in Vawsum, school communication app is attributable to we being constantly connected to our stakeholders, their needs and how best we can solve those using technologies that are intuitive and engaging. 

Along the way, we have developed some important principles on which we base our product. These principals have helped us to grow as one of the top apps in education sector.

Neat and linear feed based design

Intuitive familiar design for least re-learning and high engagement. Calm/subtle colours and neat arrangement of information to keep attention on the most important contextual content.

School App design
School App design

Lowest Tap to Outcome Ratio

Unique Vawsum KPI to ensure stakeholders achieve a maximum outcome with minimal navigation. We achieve this by using a multi-functional call to action approach. It is an easy to use communication app for schools.

School App: Lowest Tap to Outcome Ratio
School App: Lowest Tap to Outcome Ratio

The Fun-C-Quotient

Constant user feedback on Beta versions to get functionality right, while benchmarking with social engagement portals to ensure right calibration of content and engagement. Our users spend a large chunk of their time on social sites and they want familiarity in UI while seeking information on Vawsum that most dear to them – their kid’s growth and development.

School App: The Fun-C-Quotient
School App: The Fun-C-Quotient

To know more about Vawsum visit us at www.vawsum.com. #Vawsum – we make learning awesome!

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