10 Study Tips for Exam

10 Study Tips for Exam

Exams are testing times for students. Some find it exceptionally easy while others struggle to even score the bare minimum. But afraid not our dear students, Vawsum is going to present you some awesome study tips for your exam preparation so that you can ace your exams!

1.Create a study plan

A plan helps you achieve your goal with ease, even if you don’t follow it strictly, it has its benefits. Begin with analyzing your syllabus and make a study plan according to the time you have left for the exams and the important concepts. Don’t forget to give time for breaks and make sure you set achievable and realistic goals.

2.Organize your study space

The Environment you study in is as important as the concepts you have to learn. Don’t study in a cluttered and shambolic space, it affects your learning significantly. A clear and orderly space reflects a clear mind that is ready to absorb content.

3. Take Notes

Writing helps you retain information much better than a simple read. Take notes of the important points as you read. Make sure to include diagrams and flow charts. Visual aids can be really helpful while revising. For more on how to make efficient notes, click here.

4. Stay hydrated

A lot of people disregard how important it is to stay hydrated. It is quintessential that you drink plenty of water. Remember that your body is 70% fluid! Your brain needs water to function properly.

5. Take breaks

A humans’ average concentration span while studying ranges from 45-60 mins. If you think studying 8 hours straight will make you a topper, you are mistaken. Breaks are an absolute necessity. Your brain will indefinitely get tired if it stares at a book long enough. The Pomodoro technique is an absolute winner with respect to the study-break technique.

6. Eat Healthily

You are what you eat. Eat healthily, always. Avoid junk food and go for the greens. Nutritious food like fish, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, and blueberries aid in concentration and memory. Also, remember to have a good meal before your exams, we don’t want you to be thinking about food while you are writing your exam.

7. Sleep Well

All-nighters will make you cranky and cloud your brain’s efficiency. Instead, Sleep well. A good night’s sleep will help you retain the information you studied and will also clear your headspace for new information. Sleep is important, it directly affects your health, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

8. Organize study groups

Studying alone can be demotivating and you can easily fall prey to distractions. Group study on the other hand will increase your learning capacity; exchange of notes and ideas, discussion on important topics, and questioning each other helps retain information. So call your friends and start studying but make sure that you are studying and not gossiping or playing instead.

9. Practice on previous question papers

Practice makes a man perfect. You cannot expect to score well without putting in the required effort. Previous papers are a portal to understanding the syllabus better. Solve them and check where you are making mistakes and prepare accordingly. If you do not have access to previous papers, don’t worry, there are several question banks online which you can use.

10. Revise

The one thing that most students skip is Revision. We advise against this. Revisions strengthen your concepts and help you deliver better during the exam. Don’t skip it, Just do it.

So these are 10 essential study tips which will definitely help you to ace your exams. All the best for your exams dear students! 

Let the games begin!


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