School parent app:5 reasons why It’s awesome to #Vawsum daily!

school parent app

Vawsum is India’s no.1 School app. We have revolutionized learning across 1000+ institutes and our app is filled with awesome features to facilitate learning. 5 reasons why it’s awesome to vawsum daily are;

1.Loaded teachers and working parents – a perfect recipe for a neglected child. No more with Vawsum, School Parent Mobile App – #dairy entries ensure all essential communication keeps going. One-on-one secured messaging to make ‘in-person conversations.

school parent app:Vawsum - Diary entry

2. Diary and homework no longer remain dreaded. With #Vawsum digital and engaging diaries.

School Parent Mobile App- Vawsum : Diary

3. Get #Vawsum-India’s top school app, save tonnes of papers, save thousands of trees  – we say ‘Go Green, Go #Vawsum” Need we also say 100s of liters of ink!

India's top school app: Vawsum- Announcement on app

4. Time is money, has always been. No one endorses this more than #Vawsum. With #Vawsum, school parent app- get engaging content on the go, pay the fee without having to queue ever, and here is to all the worried mommies – no more waiting at the bus stops, tap and know the location of the school bus.

India's best school app-Vawsum: Track bus and pay fees

5. Dear teachers, we know how you feel, a minute with a kid in your class is better than 15 minutes with the attendance register. The 2 tap “phygital” attendance from Vawsum helps cut 15 mins to just 1.

top school app-Vawsum: Online attendance

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  • Well illustrated! Shows how easily a school can adopt Digital Learning, Engagement and Child Safety.

    For long , ERP & School Management Software have been doing the back end work. Its time to take the benefits of technology to parents , students and teachers.

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