School parent app: How has Vawsum simplified fee payment and bus tracking?

School parent app: How has Vawsum simplified fee payment and bus tracking?

Sacrificing the sweet cozy sleep early in the morning then getting the kids prepared for school on time is a battle in itself. And after overcoming this entire battle ultimately if by any chance you reach a single minute late, the bus is already gone. To avoid any probability of missing out on the bus every day you manage to reach the bus stand few minutes ahead. But what about those heavy rainy days! Standing in the harsh weather with an umbrella, half drenched is not only uncomfortable but also may badly affect children’s and their parent’s health. Is there any solution to this?

Of course, there is. The solution is called Vawsum.Vawsum, a parent-teacher engagement app has smartly and easily cut down your waiting for the school bus.

GPRS for bus tracking-

  • Through the Vawsum app, schools can track their transport services and take care of their children’s security.
  • Schools can see their live location. It also notifies the time of arrival to the parents a few minutes before reaching the pick-up point. This saves the time of both, the student as well as their parents, especially in harsh weather.
  • Parents will get to know exactly how far the bus is via push notification and SMS.
  • No more chances of missing the bus and waiting for the bus in heavy rain is not required.

For fees payment, there are quite a few options available. Either the parents wait hours in long queues to pay the fees to the school authority or they have to stand in long never-ending queues at banks that collect the fees on the school’s behalf. Although in today’s time with upgraded technology there are banking apps available to pay fees online.

Pay fees through Vawsum, School Parent Mobile App –

  • Parents can pay school fees through this app only. They won’t have to stand in a long queue wasting hours.
  • For the school as well, no hassle of spending long hours in collecting and counting fees.
  • This app will enable this tough task with the click of a button only.
  • It’s error-free and saves the time of the school as well as the parents as well.

Visit us at www.vawsum.com

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