Parent-Teacher Communication Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Parent-Teacher Communication Mistakes and How to Fix Them

School Parent Mobile App is the buzzword these days.

A school is a place that teaches us how to incorporate new lessons not only in our academics but in our daily lives as well. But the school is falling behind in understanding the adaptation of changing times in technology and adopting a parent-teacher communicating platform.
School parent app is very popular these days. However, there are some mistakes that schools mostly commits while adopting a parent-teacher communicating platform-

  1. Cost-cutting– A school like every other business organisation works in a format which is, money should be spent prudently. While doing so, schools avoid the best school communication app and run behind free mobile apps which may be cost-cutting in short-run but in the long run, the picture may turn up to be something different.
  1. Habituated to being the “Old School”– Most of the schools in India are existing for decades. The administrative and communication processes in these schools are not that much flexible and thus they don’t prefer to adapt to communicating apps in place of the face to face meeting with parents.
  2. No proper training is given- Even if the school upgrades to a parent-teacher communicating ,they don’t always agree to invest a certain time to train the teachers and parents regarding its usage. Without proper training promoting optimum utilization of the app is not possible.
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  3. Wi-Fi spoils the kids– Pros and cons are two alternative faces of the same coin. Like every other thing, Wi-Fi has its own set of pros and cons. It’s up to the users what they consider to extract. While installing a Wi-Fi the user can set a lock to prevent students from using Wi-Fi for their entertainment purpose. In this way, the school authority can keep a regular check on the network whether it is being used only for the parent-teacher communication purpose or not.
  4. Market Research- Inefficiency is often seen in conducting proper market research for the best parent to teacher communicating app This study will help them to become hassle-free of everyday activities at school and also ensure in adopting the best parent-teacher messaging platform.

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