The effect of Digital India on the traditional method of taking attendance

“I see technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity” – Narendra Modi.

The Digital India program is a flagship program of the Government of India.To transform the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the Government of India has launched the Digital India program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Digitalization has indeed had its say in the field of education and VAWSUM has been the platform boosting the cause. The digital method of taking attendance has indeed been a very productive initiative as it has resulted in a better REGULARITY OF STUDENTS IN SCHOOLS. But how has digital attendance helped schools? The genesis of taking digital attendance has been good news for the teachers, parents of the students, and the school indeed. And the reasons are:


Who would dare not come to school if you have an app keeping an eye on your attendance and that too if the eye is directly connected to the parents of the individual? I believe, NONE.

  • The PROGRESS of the student

“The research is clear; if you want to know whether a child is on a path toward passing or failing, standardized test scores are not very useful. Far more telling is whether that Child comes to school regularly or not” said one principal and it really can’t be explained better. The progress of a child is indeed directly proportional to that child’s regularity in school and there cannot be a better way to monitor that than the system of taking DIGITAL ATTENDANCE.

  • The REPUTATION of the school
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Now if a student is regular to school, he/she is bound to study well. And if a student studies well, whose reputation gets boosted?  A masterstroke indeed. But still there remains that thin line between “Developing” and “being Developed”. The only person who can get rid of that line is WE. The sustainable development of one-sixth of humanity will be a major force of good for our world and our planet.

Many schools have taken up this initiative to digitalize attendance. If you want a consistent rise in the attendance of the students in your school then Vawsum is the ideal solution. For a better understanding, click the link below.https://www.vawsum.com

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