Indian Schools go digital: Quizzes revolutionized

“The purpose of the quiz is not to shame or embarrass anyone, but to make sure everyone is on the same page.” – Mark GoulstonIn

In the world that we are living in right now, with so much advancement in the technological front, the amount of time that a student can actually concentrate on something apart from smartphones or computers, is on a downward slide. Indian schools are going digital now. The conventional method of quizzing needs to change in order to cater to the wants of the students. Old methods of making students sit in groups, asking them questions and then marking the right or wrong sound like a dream nowadays and the reasons are:

Students are very impatient

Very few students actually find it interesting to sit in one place and wait for the turn to answer. Nowadays, we hear the quizmaster say this line quite often, “Wait for your turn”. This is how impatient students have become.

Students are afraid of making mistakes

Indian Schools go digital: Quizzes revolutionized

Students nowadays have become social butterflies. Therefore, having Indian school’s go digital is a gear up for the school. They are always active on social media, one can very easily come across a student, who might speak like a gifted orator but when asked to go to the real spotlight, becomes hesitant. And if asked the reason, “what if I make a mistake?”, would be the reason. At a time like this, conducting a quiz for ALL the students seems far from being real. Students nowadays like to take refuge in the virtual world. In a world, where they feel comfortable, relaxed, and where they feel accepted. But the question now arises, how can we have a quiz in which ALL the students participate? After digging deep, team VAWSUM has come up with the idea of changing the traditional method of quizzing.

“If the students do not want to have a quiz in the real world, why not have a quiz for them in the virtual world, in a world where they feel comfortable”, quoted one of the app designers of VAWSUM. According to experts, cognitive psychology suggests that retrieval of information to the mind, as a process, is equivalent to learning. So, e-quizzing can turn out to be a powerful mnemonic tool that helps individuals to learn quickly and effectively. VAWSUM is providing a medium for Indian schools to go digital. VAWSUM to create an online quizzing module can serve as a great way to gauge, track, and modify student learning and engagement. Use VAWSUM to build customizable and interactive quizzes by incorporating audio, video, images, animation, and much more. Teachers can assign a number of success criteria.

Quizzes created with VAWSUM has the added advantage of being accessible from devices. For better understanding, kindly click the link below.https://www.vawsum.com

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