Design Thinking and Empathy: Principal of Pathways School

Design Thinking and Empathy: Principal of Pathways School

Ms. Meenakshi Singal, Primary School Principal of Pathways School, Noida tells us about her journey and shares her invaluable advice to teachers and parents. She also shares why Design thinking and Empathy are some of the most important 21st-century skills, and how to cultivate them in students.

Journey till date:

Ms. Meenakshi Singal has been a part of the educational system for almost 26 years. She wanted to make a difference in society. She strongly believes that teachers hold the power to shape young minds and build the future generation of the entire world. She is happy to have successfully touched hundreds of life and making a huge impact in society.

Ms. Singal has got the opportunity to work with all age groups of students. This helped her understand the learning capabilities and capacities of different children. And how to cater to each and every child in the best way possible using various teaching techniques. She has also worked with different curriculums like IB Schools, British Curriculum Schools, etc. This has helped her to go beyond the basic compartmentalization of the Indian Education System. Ms. Singal has always tried to take the best from all these practices. And incorporate them in her professional journey. مباريات اليورو 2022

Life Mantra:

Ms. Meenakshi Singal has had a lot of role models and life mantras that she follows. This is because she has always believed in taking the best from people and practising it in her own life.

She is a strong believer in Self Dependency. You reap what you sow. So, put your best foot forward and battle against all the struggles and odds. Humble beginnings and the will to fight will take you to places. However, even when you reach the peak of life, never forget your roots because that will always keep you grounded.

Design Thinking and Empathy:

Ms. Singal truly believes that this is the era of skills. Students have to cultivate the right skills to survive in today’s world. لعبة طاولة 31 فلاش Developing the right skills is much more important than learning concepts. You have to upscale yourself with the constant changes introduced in the world. It is also very important to rescale ourselves so that we can adapt and learn from these changes.

Ms. Singal feels that one of the most important skills that students should cultivate is Design Thinking and Empathy. She thinks that the process of cultivating this skill is actually the way to become an entrepreneur. So, this helps in the cultivation of many other skills in the process.

To develop the skill of designed thinking, firstly students have to empathize with the problem. In this world, people have a tendency to always think about themselves. But, to become an entrepreneur, people have to understand others’ feelings. They have to learn to empathize with the problems people around them are facing. Only then they can actually come up with an effective solution to any and all problems. Then they have to come up with multiple solutions to the problem. And go through a process of trial and error to find out the most useful solution.

This entire process does not only build up the skill of designed thinking. But also helps in developing the skills of ideation, innovation, creativity, patience by going through the multiple solutions and resilience by going on even if their solutions fail. This helps in the holistic development of a child and makes them ready for any problem that could come their way.

Advice to Parents:

Ms. Singal has seen a lot of parents who give up on their children. She feels adolescence is all about boundaries, but as an adult, it is on the parents to be pushed or not. Parents have to teach discipline to children with love and friendship. Instead of making them feel bad about themselves or neglecting them. Only then parents will be able to guide their children in the right direction. They have to know that it is never a lost battle when they are fighting for their child.

Advice to Teachers:

Ms. Meenakshi Singal believes that contrary to popular belief, teaching children at their primary ages is one of the most difficult jobs. At this age, the brain of a child develops the most. So, naturally, they with be very curious about everything going around them. ارقام الحظ لبرج السرطان Teachers have to keep their patience while dealing with this curiosity of theirs. Teachers have to provide children with a nurturing environment, where will grow socially as well as emotionally. This is because whatever students learn at this age they will carry forward through the entirety of their lives.

For students of higher age groups, the problems become totally different. In this case, teachers have to help students to adapt to the changes around them. They have to be taught the ‘power of saying no‘ and how to cope with peer pressure. Most importantly, teachers have to help students to accept themselves by motivating and encouraging them at every step of the way.

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