Top 3 Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children

Top 3 Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children

Dr. Sunanda Jati is the principal of SDMT Prabhavati School, Odisha. It was wonderful speaking to a seasoned veteran with years of experience under her belt. She took us through her journey as an educationalist and the Top 3 Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children. لعبة المغامر الفرعونى She also shared her life mantra and her valuable advice for parents in this session.

Journey Till Date:

Dr. Sunanda Jati never really had a plan to come into the Educational Society. An Opportunity came along her way, and she discovered her passion for it after diving in. She believes in giving her best in whatever work she does. She has always tried to seize any and all opportunities that came her way.

Initially, she worked in All India Radio Station as a Radio Jockey for 7 years. Later, when she decided on pursuing her B.Ed, she took a course on ‘Education of Special Children’. This was the turning point of her life. During this time she realized how much she wants to nurture and help children and change their lives for the better. And the best way to pursue this passion was by getting into the Education sector. She tries to understand the passions of not only her students but also the teachers. She tries to indulge in initiatives Schools can Adopt for development of Children and teachers to help them blossom.

Life Mantra:

Dr. Jati feels that nothing is permanent in life. However, we humans run behind ephemeral things. Dr. Jati’s life mantra is to embrace the change and go with the flow. “Do not run after materialistic things, rather grab all the opportunities that come your way. What is most important is, not having any regrets at the end of the day“.

Dr. Jati also believes that age is just a number. If you have dedication and willpower, you can learn anything at any age. She had a passion for Dancing from a very young age. But, her family did not encourage her passion during that time. spin palace Now, she is learning Classical Dance, Public Speaking, etc. She is taking her opportunities to learn something new every single day. She also wants to spread the best initiatives schools can adopt for development of children in as many schools as possible.

Top 3 Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children:

Ms. Jati has tried to discuss the best Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children. She feels these are what help the child to grow and become successful in the future.

1. Society for promoting Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youths:

Dr. Jati has introduced a Society for promoting Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youths in her school. She strongly feels that Indian students are not in touch with their culture at all. جدول اليورو ٢٠٢١ And this is one of the Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children to help them understand their culture. They knew who Michael Jackson is, but had no clue about Hari Prasad Chowrasia. She felt that this was one of the best initiatives for children to imbibe the Indian Culture in students. After introducing this society, Dr. Jati has seen a change in the overall behaviors of her students. They have come to know about the legacy and rich heritage of our country.

Dr. Jati provides workshops for free so that Indian students can learn more about these eminent Indian personalities and Gurus. It is her opinion that students can learn a lot about qualities like being down to earth, strong, graceful, resilient, etc by following and knowing more about these Indian Gurus.

2. Introducing More Sports Activities:

Dr. Jati has always believed in the holistic development of a child. She feels that sports are as important as academics and it is one of the Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children. She has introduced additional sports periods and different sports activities for students. She believes that students can not only find their passion by playing sports but also learn a lot of life skills. Students get to learn about Teamwork, how to accept failures (from getting defeated in a match) and their concentration power also increases.

3. Art Integrated Education:

Dr. Sunanda Jati thinks that another good initiative for children is Art Integrated Education. Many students are very shy and unable to do well at public speaking or even express themselves properly. To deal with this, students should be given different platforms to build up their 21st Century Skills from a very early age. They should be allowed to express themselves through their passions like art, dancing, singing, etc. Schools and parents should give them training sessions and activities. Most importantly it is very important to make the child feel encouraged no matter what. Gradually they will be able to express themselves through words as well. This is also an important Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children.

Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children

Advice to Parents:

Dr. Sunanda Jati truly believes in the concept of ‘No one is like you and that is your superpower’. Parents should believe in their children and help them believe in themselves. Every child is unique in their own way, so never compare them with others. Rather, try to internalize their individual strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

Children need more counseling than nagging. It is very important for parents to try and be their friends rather than just ordering them to do things without giving any real reason for it. It is her advice for parents to encourage children as much as possible and use more positive sentences in doing so. Try and take the best initiatives for children to help them evolve.

It is an age of digitalization, children should not be deprived of any amenities available. Rather, they should be provided with all amenities and parents should have a distant watch on their activities.

Parents should also encourage schools to take up the best Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children

“Children have come through you, not for you. They have their own prints, don’t try to imprint your own prints on them.”

By Dr. Sunanda Jati

Parents Ask:

QuestionDr. Sunanda Jati’s Response
My child cannot remember things, how can I help him?Try and include the sense of vision with the sense of hearing. After your child is done reading a particular page, ask him to mind map whatever he has studied on paper. This helps him visualize whatever he has studied. The next step is to see this mind mapping and do a systematic revision of whatever he is studying. Revise once on the day you have you have studied it, one day after, two weeks after, and at last 45 days after. This would engrave all concepts in his brain. Try and take encourage schools to take the best Initiatives Schools can Adopt for Development of Children to help them grow.

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