How to Grow in your Career?

How to Grow in your Career?

Ms. Meera Mathur the Principal of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International shares with us her journey and her advice to teachers and parents. She also gives us the secret of how to grow in your career and the programs she has introduced to instil ethics and morality in her students.

Journey till date:

Ms. Meera Mathur has had a beautiful journey throughout these years. She had her fair share of challenges, but her grit and determination ensured that she came out winning in the end.

She led a nomadic life through her early years because both her father and husband worked for the Indian Army. This ensured she travelled to various places. All this constant travelling, Ms. Mathur feels, led to broadening her horizon to a great extent. She met people from different cultural backgrounds and got to learn a lot of new languages among other things. She feels this has made her come out of her shell and overcome her introverted nature.

How to Grow in your Career?

Ms. Meera Mathur says, “You should enjoy what you are doing, otherwise it becomes a task and ends up be boring”. She gives us her intake on ‘how to grow in your career? العاب كازينو اون لاين

  • It is very important to challenge yourself to do something new and different every day. You should be open to new learnings and evolve with time. If you let yourself be stagnant, it is then that boredom kicks in and your job no more excites you.
  • Another very important factor of ‘how to grow in your career’ is creating a positive environment. It is very necessary to create this healthy work environment, not only for yourself but even others.
  • You should always remember that teamwork is the key to success. Always take your team with you. You should set goals as a team and work towards them together.
  • It is very easy to criticize others and point out their mistakes. However, it is very important to recognize their achievements and acknowledge their contribution to every task no matter how small it is. You should learn to give constructive criticism in such a way that it does not break their morale, but boost them to do better. Learn to even share your success with others and make your entire team feel that they were a part of it. Make your team the owner and let them prosper.

Morality and Ethics:

Ms. Meera Mathur has seen a lot of toxic competition among students where they try to pull down each other than grow together. She feels it is very important for students to understand that their biggest competition is themselves. كم عدد أوراق الأونو كاملة You have to be better than what you were the day before.

To cultivate this morality and ethics in students Ms. Meera Mathur has introduced Foundational Domain in her school. Their domain consists of Citizenship Study which is mandatory for all classes. In this course, students set up carnivals or fests once a month. Here students sell their hand-crafted items and whatever earning comes in through it goes to an orphanage or old-age house.

This practice teaches students to be more humble and grateful to their surroundings. Students learn to look outward and not inward. They understand that they have a role to play in society.

Advice to Parents and Teachers:

According to Ms. Mathur, an individual is made in a certain way. Never try to change them. Life will itself teach them about collaboration, communication, and teamwork, over the course of time. All parents and teachers can do guide them and help them to be open to the teachings of life.

Teachers have to personalize and customize their teachings according to the child’s needs. Teachers have to understand that every child cannot be the same. “A Michaelangelo can never be a Picasso, however, they are nowhere less than each other”. So they have to let their individuality be intact because that is what makes every child unique.

Ms. Mathur advises parents not to be anxious. Their expectations from their child cannot exceed the expectations they have from themselves. Parents should be moral and follow their own preaching before expecting their children to abide by them.

Parents’ first moto should be that their child is happy with what he/she is doing. They should be able to provide children with the mental support to be whatever they want to. بطولات مان سيتي Children should have the space to blossom in their own way.

Parents should plan ‘the future steps of the child’ with the child themselves. They should give the child an expectation that is not unrealistic and let the child make his/her goals to reach that expectation. Parents should watch the shows that their children watch and know about their interests so that they have some common ground to talk about. They should sit and talk with their child at least once a day and show genuine interest in knowing about their lives and how they are doing. This will make the child feel included and involved in the family.

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