Attendance taking at school is now easy with Vawsum

Regular attendance taking at school is an important factor in a student’s achievement at school and it helps them ton prepare for the world of work. Students not in school have fewer opportunities to learn the material that enables them to succeed in their classes.

Research on students attendance tells us several things –

  • Students who eventually drop out of school are absent more often than other students beginning as early as the first grade.
  • Students with high attendance rates score higher on achievement tests than those students who are frequently absent.
  • High attendance rates are indicators of effective schools.

With Vawsum,

  • Parents can easily monitor children’s attendance
  • Parents get instant updates on their mobile in case a child is marked absent by a teacher
Attendance taking at school is now easy with Vawsum
Advanced Attendance with Vawsum

Vawsum provides the much-needed versatility to teach the students who are in their preschools and schools. It helps the schools to have a better connection with the parents and the students. Attendance taking at school is a very small part of the task that Vawsum performs. Our app has many such awesome features to assist teachers and parents and to develop a healthy communication channel between them. To know more visit http://www.vawsum.com

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