5 Steps to Become the Best Friend of Your Kids

5 Steps to Become the Best Friend of Your Kids

5 Steps to Become the Best Friend of Your Kids

We always want our kids to share their problems and all their secrets, but somehow we still lag to get a secure place in their hearts. They feel more comfortable sharing their issues with their same-age friends. Now there are no ways to make yourself younger, but there are some possible ways to make them trust you enough that they can share their pain, sorrows, and happiness.

Today we will talk about the possible ways that will lead you closer to your son/daughter.

  • Listen to them without being judgmental!

Likely to our parents we too want our kids to follow our given direction, by doing this we always become judgmental. When they do something different, we tend to criticize them or scold them without listening to the situation appropriately. This gives them a rational fear, and they always try to hide things from us.

  • Encourage your kid to confide in you and tell you everything

Talk to your kids about anything they want to tell you. Don’t take things lightly. Like when they say there’s a monster under their bed, just go and check. It may just be a mouse which is bothering them. When kids tell you some uncle kissed them, and they didn’t like it, be cautious. Tell them the difference between Good touch and Bad touch Someone you trust might be posing as a significant threat to your kid. In India teenagers often face this big issue as they feel afraid to tell their mom as she won’t believe it or won’t take any action. Listening builds trust in your kid that no matter what, you’ll always be there for them. If you don’t listen to them seriously, they’ll stop telling you stuff likewise. This works for every kid from a toddler to a teenager.

  • Spend quality time or play with them

There is no such alternative to playing together. Through games, kids will learn to appreciate you and a connection will start to form if you interact with them on their level. No matter how little time you have at home, try as much as possible to find time for these activities.

  • Friendship needs love and affection, not bribing

Provide them with only what you can afford and let them know your limits. It is always good to provide things like clothing and food for a child or children that you see daily. Don’t give them money for their little work unless they will take it for granted. Giving money to kids is kind of giving them an opportunity to make mistakes.

  • Don’t pressurize or overburden your kid

At times we feel our kid should do something that we did not get an opportunity to do in our childhood. By doing this, we often repeat the same mistake our parents did when we were kids. We forget that a child also has a personality and they have the need to explore. They have the right to choose. Give them options, but let them make their choices too. Always let them make decisions for themselves, by doing this, they’ll learn to be responsible and self-dependent. Also, they won’t blame you for their actions at any point in life.

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