It was Rainy day at School and Vawsum in it

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There are many themes that are taken up and celebrated in schools in order to blend the concepts taught in the classrooms with practical experiences. Such moments are essential for the physical, mental, and emotional growth of children. The pre-primary section of one school wanted to do the same and hence, celebrated Rainy Day. The day was celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. Children were very excited about the idea of getting wet in the rain. Teachers created awareness among the children about the day. The teacher demonstrated the water cycle to the children. They were informed about: How clouds were formed? How it rains? After the explanation, evaluations were conducted and children answered them enthusiastically.

Tiny toddlers danced to the tunes of the teacher.  Rain Dance Activity was held to experience the real feel of getting wet in the rain and dancing and singing and enjoying the moment to its core. Children also had a paper boat-making takeaway activity on this day. They went home with great excitement and memories of the day. All of the fun was just not lost, the memories were captured in the form of pictures taken by teachers and shared on the Vawsum application used by the school. Through which even the parents could experience the joy the child had in school. School activities could never have been this exciting for parents, isn’t it?

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