Overcoming 10 Challenges That Every School Principal Faces

<strong>Overcoming 10 Challenges That Every School Principal Face</strong>s

The role of a school principal requires a combination of leadership, management, communication, and decision-making skills. It requires a deep commitment to student success and a willingness to take on a wide range of responsibilities and challenges.

A principal has to maintain the discipline of the school as well as he/she has to look up if the study process and outcome of the students are active enough. Principals are facing challenges each day towards improving student achievement on campus. Every principal faces some of the biggest frustrations to control student behaviour, recruiting teachers and staff, promoting personalized learning, improving teaching effectiveness, student retention, parent support, and more. 

In most schools, Principals are the decision-makers of the school, so they have some major responsibilities and some pain areas, those are:

  • Paperwork:  Paperwork and forms are one of the biggest frustrations of principals, but that is also an integrated part of the Principal’s work.

Solution: Eliminate paperwork and introduce an automated data collection system through online forms and online applications for admission, and evaluate course details to reach out to more students in a positive manner.

  • Decision-making Principal’s decisions and strategies are critically important to institutional performance. They are accountable for high levels of student achievement.

Solution: To accomplish the high expectations, administrators can analyse the data through dashboards and reports to identify factors related to student enrolment, retention, and success. The attributes of the institution such as admission, registration, attendance, discipline, grades, fee collections, etc. determined those outcomes.

  • Scheduling:  Classroom teachers, staff, and students report scheduling problems with principals.

Solution: The cognitive reframing of scheduling with an automated timetable system can manage class schedules across multiple courses, faculty, and rooms for different time periods. Innovative scheduling can help reduce the conflicts that take place in manual scheduling and place substitutes for teachers in order to maintain continuity of instruction.

  • Recruitment: Recruiting competent teachers who are capable of teaching all student populations is at the core of the problem.

Solution: In this case introducing an advanced student admission system with real-time application tracking, online assessments, and an automated ranking system always identified the talented and sensitive teachers who demonstrated competency, and commitment to implement innovative and high-quality education programs and deliver excellence for all learners.

  • Faculty Evaluation:  Teachers are vulnerable individuals who are struggling to align instruction and assessments to the learning context of a diverse student population.

Solution: The principal can go for a faculty evaluation system software, which creates faculty peer evaluation reviews through online surveys, it will add the benchmark to their teaching effectiveness. Based on the evaluation feedback score, training and improvement action plan for the benefit of faculty can be chalked out to improve their future teaching performance.

  • Attendance & Discipline:  Principals perceive student absenteeism and misconduct are a major concern.

Solution: Educational institutions can improve class attendance and improve students’ poor academic records using RFID (radio frequency identification) and a Biometric based attendance tracking system to monitor student movements in real time. Also, they can appoint class teachers to focus on students’ behaviour and discipline.

  • Curriculum Design:  Principals often face the critical task of teaching a curriculum that is comprehensive and more encompassing.

Solution: Curriculum mapping software provides the technology tools for executing changes in the curriculum design and syllabus. Principals and teachers can create customized outcome-based education that will map competencies, and standards to improve learning outcomes.

  • Student outcomes: One of the most significant factors that stood out is related to student achievement. Principals want to promote learning and see better student outcomes.

Solution: With cutting-edge academic planning tools, school administrators can create a personalized learning plan with goals and tasks linked to lessons to meet the precise requirement of students, which can improve learning outcomes and ensure student success.

  • Parental Involvement: One of the biggest frustration faced by principals, is that parental involvement is lacking to support the institution’s effort towards improving student achievement.

Solution: Using real-time status notifications for events, meetings, grades, fee collection, attendance, and discipline via web and mobile devices can improve interactions between teachers and parents and closes the gap.

  • Communication & Collaboration: Principals and staff spend so much energy on building relationships with students, teachers, and other staff.

Solution: Powerful communication tools like some discussion forums, chat, messaging, and social media will have a positive impact on the Institute community and promote collaborative learning.

A School Parent App can always help in reducing a Principal’s burden. Vawsum– School Parent App helps to provide solutions for all ed tech problems.

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