College placements made easy with Vawsum

College placements made easy with Vawsum

How much time, energy, and talent are channelized every year during college placements? There’s a placement committee that takes care of the logistics and records, manages companies arriving for campus placements, and so on. This committee also takes care of students’ records as per their skills, academic performances, and activities. The same procedure is repeated the next year with the same amount of resources. No wonder that every college has something called a ‘placement season’ because here’s where the college utilizes all of its energy and resources in getting their students jobs. 

This is considered a major waste of resources in today’s times where everything is digitalized. It’s time for colleges to drop the use of unnecessary documentation and start using a smart application for the placement period. Vawsum is a cool mobile application that’s on a mission to make learning awesome. Part of its formidable variety of features is the Placement Module. Colleges who signed up for Vawsum will get this module as a feature that simplifies the placement process.

The college admin can simply create a job posting on the Vawsum app in the Placement Module feature. Registered students then can respond to the job posting by uploading their CV and other documents right in the application. The college admin can attach a brochure or any document of the company with the job posting so students will have an idea where they are applying. This removes all the hassles of unnecessary documentation especially filing all the CVs, company documents, tests, etc. The students can simply download test documents from the job listing, take the test and upload the document to the post. If you wish to sign up for Vawsum and avail of this time-saving placement module, do give us a call. Visit us at www.vawsum.com 

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