5 Qualities of a Good Leader – Mr. Yasir Patel

Qualities of a good leader

Mr. Yasir Patel, the Principal of St. Constantine International School Tanzania, shared with us his journey and his outlook on the qualities of a good leader. He also shared with us his inspiring stories which will not only motivate you but also help you to self-reflect.

Journey till Today:

Mr. Yasir Patel has always been someone who has been keen on travelling. He discovered his love for travelling at the age of eleven when he took his first trip to India to visit his grandparents. His journey of travelling started there and today he has successfully travelled to various places and has been able to spread his knowledge across 6 continents! Mr. Patel feels that travelling is a free form of education. He believes life is all about making the best memories. He wants to feel a rush when he looks back at all his experiences and achievements throughout the years.

Mr. Patel has always had a leadership instinct. From a very young age, he had been put into leadership positions by his teachers or superiors. From being a school monitor to a cricket team captain, he has done it all. There was also a time when he was very exhausted from always being a leader and wanted to move away from all that responsibility. Even though he wanted to leave leadership, leadership did not leave him. He still got numerous leadership job opportunities. This was the time he realized that maybe the universe was trying to show him something, maybe this was something he was meant to do. And, herein started his journey as an educator and administrator.

Reason for Success:

Mr. Yasir Patel is grateful for a lot of things that have played a role in his success. But, he feels what majorly propelled him towards his success was when he decided to move to Mexico. It was then that he had to come out of the comfort of always being around his friends and family. He moved out to a completely new place with a very different language and culture than what he was used to. امريكان اكسبريس This was the time when Mr. Patel understood his true potential. His tremendous willpower helped him fight against all the odds to achieve his dream.

“At the end of the day, no matter what the situation is, you have to keep things going.”

Mr. Yasir Patel

Qualities of a Good Leader:

Mr. Patel has been in the shoes of a leader for quite some time now. He was generous enough to share some important qualities of a good leader.

  • Identify your Staff – Being a leader, it is your job and responsibility to know your team. You should be well accustomed to the strengths and weaknesses of each and every member of your team. This is one of the most important qualities of a good leader. Only when you know your staff well, you’ll be able to optimise their strengths and allocate it in the right direction.
  • Planning and Organisation – Mr. Patel advocates the statement “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” in all earnestness. It is very important for any leader to have an organised planning for their organisation as a whole. Only then will they be able to move forward.
  • Go the extra mile – A leader should always remember that their team-mates will look up to them. They will always have to set a good example to motivate their team to do better. They must put in extra efforts and go the extra mile. This is one of the main factor that determines the qualities of a good leader.
  • Positive Attitude – One should stay away from negativity and have a positive out front. In face of a problem one might be disappointed, but one must keep a positive attitude and keep on finding the solution to the problem.
  • Be Flexible – One of the important qualities of a good leader is being adaptable and acceptable to change. You must be open to change and be willing to learn new things with the changing generation. Only then will you be able to grow yourself and your organisation.

Learnings from Obstacles and Struggles:

Though Mr. Patel is someone who plans out everything, there have been times when his plans fell apart. Covid-19 was one of such times. There were a lot of different problems like online teaching, health issues, etc. But, with a lot of patience and a positive attitude, Mr. Patel successfully fought through it. He had prepared a step-by-step plan of how the organization would perform if the school was closed for two months, 4 months, 6 months, or a year. He also planned on how to handle everything in case school re-opened.

Mr. Yasir Patel believes that one should have self-reflection. You will have to accept your own mistake and learn from it. Otherwise, your scope of improvement and growth will come to a stop. لعبه البوكر You have to always keep in mind that life is not always black and white, there is a lot of grey parts. So, before seeing any perspective learn to analyse this grey area of life.

“Agree to Disagree, and Disagree, but Commit.”

Jeff Bezos

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