Birthdays at schools

Stickman kids school birthday party. Illustration of stickman kids having a  birthday party at school. | CanStock

Birthdays are usually the occasions for rejoicing and celebration. Relatives and friends gather on the occasion and wish many happy returns of the day and offer their blessings. They bring with them beautiful gifts. Kids love celebrating their birthdays. But what should someone do, when his/her birthday falls on a weekday? It so happened that Mr Singh’s son’s birthday came off last Monday. He wanted him not to go to school as it was a very special day but his child was in love with his schools. So plans were changed and the party was rescheduled for the evening. Mr Singh then goes to work as he didn’t want to waste a day. And what happened next left Mr Singh in awe. At work, he receives a push notification on his mobile phone. As he checks the notification, he gets the surprise of his life. He sees his son’s photo with all smiles cutting the birthday cake with his teachers and friends.

He was left in tears. But how did this happen? The Answer to this question is, VAWSUM. The school had started using VAWSUM app. With the help of this app, parents can stay in constant touch with the whereabouts and activities of the school of their wards. This application allows the school to post the wards pictures, attendance, daily sheets and much more. The best feature of this application is that one doesn’t even have to share his/her e-mail id or personal phone number to receive these notifications. So, VAWSUM helps in security, by maintaining privacy. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Many schools have already started using VAWSUM. Now, it’s your turn. Visit http://www.vawsum.com

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