How to take attendance from the web?

To take attendance from the web follow the given steps :

  1. Sign in to the Institution.vawsum.com using your credentials.

2. Click on the ” Reports and Tools ” option appearing at the extreme left of your page.

3. Click on the ” Take Attendance ” option.

4. A new page will open where you need to select your respective ” Date”, ” Subject “, ” Class ” and ” Period “.

5: Now you will see a list of student’s names.

6: Next to the student’s name click on the ” present” icon to mark them present accordingly.

7: To mark them absent, next to the students’ names click on the ” absent” icon. You can also specify the reason by clicking on ” select reason”.

8: To mark them late, next to the students’ names click on the “ late” icon. You can also specify the timing of their entry by entering the timing in the dialogue box which appears next to the student’s name.

9: You can also click on the ” Present all ” checkbox to mark everyone present.

10: Finally click on ” Upload ” to Upload the attendance successfully.

Watch The Video To Know More.

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