How to Send Reminder to Fees Defaulters?

To send reminders to fee defaulters follow the given steps:

1. Log in to the https://institution.vawsum.com/admin using your credentials.

2. Click on School at the top bar of your homepage and then click on Fees.

3. Now click on Configure option on the Dashboard page. You will be redirected to the login page.

4. Now, click on Reminders on the left side of your page.

5. Click on Select Facebook and choose a Facebook from the dropdown menu. You will find a list of students appearing with a column of Reminder having a checkbox next to the name of each student.

6. Click on the checkbox next to the Reminder to select all the students in the list or click on the checkbox next to the desired student’s name under the Reminder column to select only a few/particular students.

7. Click on the Send Reminder button to finally send the reminder.

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