How to Generate Provisional Fee Receipt for Cheque Payments

Below are the steps Cashier can follow to generate Provisional fee Receipts for Cheque Payments:

  1. Login to Vawsum Cashier Panel using your credentials as a Cashier.
  2. As a cashier, capture fees payment for any Student.
  3. Next, Cashier can Click and generate receipt (button available below the payment captured column)
  4. If there is any collection of Fees transacted through Cheque payment, Cashier can generate provisional fee receipt copy and provide to Parents even before actual Cheque clearance.
  5. In the receipt copy, beside Receipt No. there will be a mention of the provisional statement.
  6. Parents, if needed can refer the provisional receipt copy with School for any further correspondence related to the payment made through Cheque.
  7. Later when the settlement is through at School’s Bank Account after Cheque clearance, School can update payment status in system and issue the final receipt copy to Parent against that payment. Receipt number remains the same as before.
  8. Above process would ensure smooth reconciliation during audit conducted in School accounts with a transparency towards parents making payments using Cheque.

Note – The same process can be repeated by a Cashier while capturing Fees using Cheque mode of payment.

Watch the video to know more.

Provisional Receipt Copies can be generated for Cheque Payments

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