How Cashier Can Hide Uneditable Columns and Headers with 0 Values

Cashier can follow the below steps to hide the uneditable columns and the Fee Headers with 0 values:

  1. Login to Vawsum Cashier Panel using your credentials as a Cashier.
  2. Next, Cashier can check for the dropdown for Show All (Option available on top right corner of the payment capture page)
  3. If there is any Header with complete 0 amount for all months, Cashier can select the dropdown to hide them by selecting the option – Hide Non Applicable Rows.
  4. Hence Page would Filter Out the non applicable rows for the student and reflect only the Fee Headers which remains applicable for the student to collect Fees.
  5. Next, if there are any Headers which are not editable by the Cashier, then Cashier can select from the dropdown – Hide Uneditable Rows to temporarily hide the rows while capturing Fees.
  6. After collecting Fees both the filters can be removed by the Cashier.


  1. This Feature has been introduced for viewing convenience of the Cashier while capturing payment.
  2. Mostly this option is commonly seen to be used by Institutions who has multiple Headers created in their Fee Books. At times not all the header remains applicable for every Student but still shows on their Fee Book being a standardized configuration (e.g.- fees for elective subjects etc.).
  3. In order to reduce confusion and ensure no error while fees collection from the payment capture page, Cashiers can alter their viewing experience.
  4. Previous Due, Late Fine, Concession are the headers which CANNOT REMAIN HIDDEN even if the amount showing 0 values or not applicable for a student.

Watch the video to know more.

Dropdown to filter out non applicable rows in Fees payment capture page

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