Eighteen years of education can all go down the drain if one doesn’t have the ability to put it into practice. According to a survey, only 5% of the Indian graduates are employable every year. But what is the reason? Has the betterment of life made us inculcate a complacent attitude? The answer is yes. We have stopped thinking and reasoning out.

From the dawn of civilization, it has been “reasoning skills” that have helped us achieve the unachieved. From the giant leap of being termed as “Farmers” from being “Wanderers” to the “Editing of a Human Embryo for the First Time”, it has always been our reasoning skills that have paved the way. But over the years, this advancement in the knowledge front has had an inverse effect on our reasoning front. Maybe this is why even after spending around eighteen years to get educated, when there is time for recruitment, companies want to test a student on a subject which is not even a part of the curriculum. The reason behind is that reasoning and aptitude test tests the ability of a candidate to apply basics to solve complex situations. Every question that is asked is nothing but situations which are supposed to be solved with a basic understanding. In the class, students have very little hands-on experience of real-life situations while on a job this is something which is required all the time.

In order to combat the dire need for Employment, team VAWSUM has started to provide shelter to the students of each and every school under the umbrella of “Aptitude” and “Reasoning” tests (known as VATS). VATS, which is the abbreviation of Vawsum Aptitude Tests for Schools, provides that platform for students which would help them to nurture themselves such that they can cater to the ever-evolving need for “Logical Reasoning”. VATS consist of various Arithmetic, Data interpretation, Diagrammatic and Psychometric question and answers. Though these tests seem confusing at first, with proper practice and applied logic, they are very easy to crack. Later, it becomes interesting to solve such puzzles. Most of these are based on a particular sequence, hence it is important to understand the sequence to solve the problem. Practicing these more and more will yield better results.

VATS can be used as the measure of the abilities of the student. This test gives the complete idea of a students mind. As most of the companies take an aptitude test for the candidate trying for the job, this test can serve as a very big platform for practice as this would then be beneficial at the time of their recruitment. Schools should opt for VATS as this would help the school get in terms with the drawbacks of the students in the school. So all in all, VATS serves as the perfect magnet and within its magnetic field lies the many positives of a students life, be it in the short or the long run. It’s time that you too take shelter under the Umbrella of VATS.

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