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Impact of Technology on Education

“Education is the Most Powerful weapon which you can use to change the World.” – Nelson Mandela

Truer words have never been spoken. If the world is a battleground, then education is indeed the weapon that one would love to have in his/her arsenal.  Education has the power to break apart all barriers and keep people together. Right since the ancient times, quality of life, values at social and individual levels, spiritual and material progress have been direct products of education. Of course, the form and methodology of education have been undergoing transformation constantly and consistently with changing times. In ancient times, education was very intimately connected to religion and the social values of the day. But, during the recent centuries, the scope of education, all thanks to technology, has increased enormously to include much more than what it did previously.

Technology has many different effects on education, one of them being enhancing the students learning. Technology may enhance the students learning and may assist most students in achieving their academic standards. When technology and appropriate teaching methods are combined, technology may increase the academic achievement. Positive effects have been found in all major subject areas, from preschool to higher education, both regular and for special children. Educational technology has been found to have a positive effect on a student’s attitude toward learning and on self-concepts. The introduction of technology into the learning environment has allowed the learning to be more student-centered, to encourage group learning, and helps to stimulate an increase in the student-teacher interaction. Technology has shown a shift from a focus on a student’s memorization to their problem solving. Through technology’s use, learning opportunities have become unrestricted by time or place, allowing lifelong learning. Student use of technology through communications can also help to enhance access to a career and  continued education. Students are more likely to use a computer to get help because they can do it themselves. Technology is helping students to become independent.

Technology has had a great impact on education.

  • Research work can be done in a easier way because of the development of software’s like Encyclopedia Britannica. Educational apps, search engines, videos, portable technologies and interactive activities provide students with a nearly endless supply of information and resources.
  • Students can opt for distant education classes, called “correspondence courses,” at community colleges and universities.  Thanks to technology, students can opt to take such courses over the Internet at their own convenience.
  • When schools in different parts of the state, country or world connect, students can “meet” their counterparts through video conferencing without leaving the classroom. This serves as a very good platform for the students to communicate and this can also help students to learn different languages.
  • Many schools/students cannot afford to bear the expenses of a foreign field trip but all thanks to technology, students can use the Internet to virtually attend Web seminars put on by museums and other educational institutions. NASA, for instance, offers a program that allows students to talk to astronauts in space.
  • Thanks to technology, young students can learn the basics of spelling, counting and other early educational lessons through computer games that make learning fun.

Not only has technological advancement like tablets, apps, video and interactive whiteboards be learning tools for students, but it has also served as an additional teaching tools for educators. Technology has revolutionized the modern way of education. The most powerful weapon Education, coupled with Technology has indeed been a giant step for mankind and is changing the face of the earth.

The “Wind of Change”, VAWSUM

“The wind of change blows straight into the face of time” – Klaus Meine (lead singer, Scorpions)

Back in the 1990s, when Klaus Meine might have been singing “Wind of Change” somewhere in Moscow, no one must have thought it to be real. But 28 years since then, we are all blown away by the “Wind of Change” and, if the atmospheric wind is caused by the difference in wind pressure, then this wind is an outcome of nothing, but the technological advancement.

The world has indeed become a better place to abide. What seemed impossible yesterday, is possible today. But if we look down the chronicle of change, the one thing that we will be witnessing is that most of the technological advancement has resulted in better communication among each individual. Technology is described in the dictionary as the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, and applied science. The rate at which technology is evolving is unbelievable. Who knew that the hard-wired telephone invented by Graham Bell in the 19th century would soon transform into a device which you can keep in your pocket and take with you wherever, whenever.

Today, we have mobile phones which can be taken with us anywhere in the world. Development of smart mobile phones has made communication possible on a device merely half the size of our palm. Smartphones enable users to use normal phones functions on the go, which are calling another mobile phone or landline. But it also allows you to use internet and e-mail functions to keep up to date with your social activities. Text messaging through mobile phones is increasingly becoming the way to communicate quick thoughts to friends, family, and clients.

Things that once were thought to be of magic or folklore are now achieved through advances in communication technology. Introduction of the internet and e-mail opened new doors for communication to our society. We can now talk, chat, video chat and socialize via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, educational forums etc. And in INDIA, when you are talking about Educational Forums, none has had a better impact than VAWSUM, when it comes to the communication between a parent and a teacher.

VAWSUM is an educational school app, that helps in:

  1. enhancing the SECURITY of the CHILD
  2. enhances the PARENT-TEACHER engagement
  3. enriches the CHILD’s GROWTH
  4. helps in SCHOOL FEES payment

With the birth of the VAWSUM, parents can just pick up the phone and communicate, to a teacher or school authorities from anywhere. Parent-teacher communication has never been this simple. It can easily be said that, VAWSUM has indeed been the “WIND OF CHANGE” that “BLEW STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF TIME”.

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VAWSUM – connecting parents to students in the course of the child’s journey to school

The safety of the people shall be the highest law” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

It has been seen over the years that the one area of concern for everyone is “safety”. Be it getting up from sleep to going to bed, from going out for any work to returning back home – in each and every aspect, we prefer “safety” over danger. And when it comes to safety, we prefer “my safety” or “our safety”, but we often forget about the “safety” of our child.

In the busy day to day life, the last thing that a parent look into is the “safety” of their child when the child is going to or returning from school because “school buses” are easily available. Now, everyone uses VAWSUM because VAWSUM helps a parent to be connected to the child all through the child’s journey. VAWSUM has indeed revolutionized the on-road school bus journey of a child.

Using VAWSUM, one can easily get the live location of the school bus. So, a parent need not worry anymore about where the school bus is. One can easily get to know when his/her child reaches school. The “tension” associated with the child returning back home using the school bus is also over as, as mentioned earlier, one can easily get the “live location” of the school bus. VAWSUM gives the “pick-up” and “drop-down” notifications, and “over-speeding” notifications. All in all, VAWSUM brings with it, a one-stop solution, when the “safety” of the student is concerned. All these features help each and every parent, to stay connected with their child and thus decreases “tension” from the side of the parent and increases “safety” when the student is concerned. If you also want to assure the safety of your child by staying connected with him/her all the time, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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Schools can now track school buses with zero dependency on hardware maintenance using VAWSUM

The great growling engine of change – Technology.” – Alvin Toffler

Technology has been able to break down the narrow domestic walls and make this world into a digital country. What seemed impossible yesterday, is possible today. “Today’s science is tomorrows technology” – sums up the age that we live in.

Even the advancement of technology has been huge in the past few decades. Computers have become smaller and smarter. If we go down the chronicle of technological advancement, then we will see that machines have become smaller but smarter. The size of the computer has reduced from 65-meter cube to 1-millimeter cube and software have replaced hardware in the past few decades. The greatest growling engine of change has indeed been technology.

One of the greatest advancement in the field of technology has been the discovery of GPS in 1978. Ever since the discovery, GPS has broken out like a conflagration. It has had one of its biggest impact on the on-road mode of communication. The accuracy and safety associated with our journey have become better. The world has become a better place to live in. There still remains a lot of hassle when one has to use such a lot of hardware in order to set up the GPS tracker. But this is no longer the case with school buses. VAWSUM has come up with a feature that enables buses to be tracked, with zero setup cost. All you need is the smartphone that you already own. Each bus would need a maximum of 2 minutes as set up time and there would be an interactive UI. Tracking a bus had never been this easy. Schools can now track school buses with zero dependencies on hardware maintenance. Many schools have taken up this initiative all ready to use VAWSUM as the bus tracking app of their school and have given thumbs up to “zero dependencies on hardware”. If you want the same for your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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Ensuring that every child feels a sense of security and belonging to the school enables each child to accept and participate actively in transforming situations that are part of learning experiences.” – Loris Malaguzzi

School security has been the highest area of concern for teachers, administrators and political leaders for a very long time. There had been a considerable rise in the violence in recent decades. It has been a complete necessity for the educational institution to adopt new methods to foster student security.

Bullying, illegal activities, large-scale violence, and lockdowns – had been some of the major areas of concern when it comes to the security of the student in schools and schools have, indeed, come up with methods in order to combat each of these security concerns. But now, with the increase in traffic and rash driving, another area of concern for the management of the educational institution is the school bus.

VAWSUM has brought the perfect solution to this concern. Schools can now keep a complete track on all the buses with the help of this app without having to bother the bus-driver. The institutional management gets real-time updates about over-speeding, and the route deviations can be monitored as well. All these features ensure that the child is highly secure.

Therefore, schools need not worry any longer about the security of the child, as long as the school bus is concerned. Many schools have ensured the security of the students using this app. If you too want a consistent rise in the security of the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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Be wise! Save time!

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee

Time is a valuable commodity, its something that we cannot attach a price too. Time is a priceless asset. We can always make more money, but we can never recover the lost time. Just think about the things that time is worth to you and then, think about how you have spent it. Maybe you have cleaned your house, did your laundries and made food. Or maybe, you did some gardening, bought some groceries or cleaned your car. We always try to spend the commodity named “time” in such a way that it’s not wasted. Now the question that needs to be asked is, if time is so precious and priceless to us, then why to waste time by standing in the bus stand for the school bus of your child?

Well, now, you don’t need to waste this priceless asset unnecessarily. You no longer need to waste time by standing at the bus stand for the school bus of your child. All you need is the app, VAWSUM. By using VAWSUM, you can now easily get the live location of the school bus of your child. You no longer need to wait in the heat, rain or breeze for the arrival of the bus. Get instant notifications when the bus is approaching and save your time, money and energy by not standing in big queues. This feature of the app has increased the level of convenience and made bus journey, an area of comfort for both parents and students.

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The Educational App that reduces the pressure on School-bus drivers

As the horizon for technology is expanding day by day and with it, the world is becoming a better place to live in. We are all better off than we were yesterday, and we would be better off tomorrow than we are today. Technological advancement has made this world, a better place to live in.

Driving a bus has always been a very tedious job, where one has to put in hours of hard work in order to earn money. And, then, if the bus is a school bus, the responsibility just gets doubled. Driving a school bus is never easy. Picking up students every morning and dropping them to schools can be a very hectic job indeed, and the added responsibility of reaching school on time can make the job even more difficult. On top of that, constant phone calls from parents and the school authority can be very annoying. This often results in the drivers compromising on the safety norms that should be followed. This can, in turn, hamper the safety of the child.

But, the bus drivers need not worry anymore because VAWSUM is here. Using the app, one doesn’t need to answer queries over the phone as every parent would get the live location of the bus on their app. And as a result, the drivers can put their full focus on driving. This assures the safety of the students. VAWSUM also provides the facility of easy new driver onboarding with in-app multi-stop route navigation. All these makes VAWSUM the most loved app among the school-bus drivers.

Many schools have already taken up this initiative to use VAWSUM in order to track school buses and this has indeed resulted in a better relationship and understanding between the parents, the drivers and the school authorities. This has also resulted in the betterment of the security of the students. If you too want to maintain harmony and understanding between the teachers, the parents, the authorities and the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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The Positive Impact of taking Attendance, using VAWSUM.

“Eighty percent of the Achievement is Showing Up” – Woody Allen

A number of studies have found some form of positive correlation between performance and showing up. Success and discipline are proportionating to one another. One cannot succeed unless that person is regular in his/her work.

Such has been the case in education as well. Studies say that the school with a higher rate of attendance has been found to have better performance. Over the years, schools have tried adapting to various ways in order to reduce absenteeism and it has been noticed, that the schools that could do so have had an upward curve as far as performance is concerned.

Many schools across India are strengthening their class attendance policies by using VAWSUM. VAWSUM has been the cornerstone of the success of most schools. the attendance module of the app has revolutionized the ways of taking attendance. When a teacher takes attendance using VAWSUM, the parent of the child gets notified there and then. As a result, there is very little provision for the child, not to be present (without a valid reason), as he/she knows that his/her parents would be notified. This results in an increase in attendance. When a child is present in the school, his/her class involvement increases and this enhances the growth of the child. This method of taking attendance promotes presenteeism as part of the discourse of learners.

“I love this feature of the app as this helps me being informed whether my child actually goes to school or not. I will tell about this feature to all of my friends.” – quoted one parent, when asked about this feature of the app. Now the point to be noted here is, “…. I will tell about this feature to all of my friends.”. This means that the parents, indirectly, becomes the ambassadors the school and this helps in the branding of the school. As more people get to know about the school, more students would seek admission and thus, helping in the expansion on the school.

The effect of this attendance module on schools has been huge. Students started coming to school regularly, ON TIME, schools started to have a better turnover during admission and this, enhances the parent-teacher communication. VAWSUM has really been a perfect foundation, helping in the growth and enhancement of each and every student. If you too want a consistent rise in the attendance of the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.


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VAWSUM : Paving the Way for a Better tomorrow

Today, we live in a digital world, in which ‘Facebook’ is the third largest community. The advancement of technology has broken down all barriers and has made the world a better place to live in. A bomb blast in California brings tears to the eyes of a person living in the villages of Myanmar; when some tribal girl from a remote village in Rajasthan cracks the Indian Administrative Exam, a person from New York becomes proud of her success; a step on the moon brings joy to the whole earth even though the moon is 384 thousand kilometers away from the earth; this is all because of the improvement in telecommunication.
Telecommunication has indeed transformed this world into a global village. With just one click of the button, we get information about the remotest place on earth. That is the power of telecommunication in our lives. Technology has had an impact on each and every sphere of our lives. From buying books to booking tickets, from banking to shopping – “online” market has taken its toll on everything.
Technology has had an unique impact when it comes to the educational sector. The quality of education has become better after the infusion of technology. It is not only helping education advance at an exponential rate but is also bridging the gap between the parent, teacher and school authorities when it comes to school. Schools have taken a stride toward digitization in order to save time, resources and energy. Payment of school bills, tracking of the school bus, official works and studies – there are different apps helping us in different sections. But then again the problem remains, which app should one go for?
VAWSUM decided to answer this question. In order to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and school administration, VAWSUM has brought with it features that will help parents track their child’s attendance, the child’s test scores, the child’s progress in a particular subject, the location of the child’s school bus, payment of the child’s fees and much more, all under ONE platform. VAWSUM helps teachers communicate better with the parents. Using VAWSUM, the teachers can take the attendance, maintain the contact details of the students and their parents, make important announcements, create events (parents can give feedbacks in this regard), make a poll (this helps when you want to go for excursions or picnics), send personal messages to the parents (this helps when a teacher has to inform a parent regarding a child on regular basis), upload YouTube links, picture and videos, and much more, all under THE SAME platform. And for the school, it helps during admission, helps during placement drive and when there is a strong bond between the teacher and the parent, it is bound to help in boosting the reputation of the school. All this, and much more, makes VAWSUM the most loved app of the modern times, as evidenced by its successful partnership with more than 1000 schools across India. The gist of the testimonials from the users is, “Wow, some app it is.”
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Go digital now, or regret later!

“Our Youth has surprised the world with its IT Skills. Our ancestors used to play with snakes, we play with a mouse.” – Narendra Modi.

In order to transform the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the Government of India has launched the Digital India Program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge. India is, indeed, taking giant strides from “developing” to “developed”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘Digital India’ is moving towards its goal of quick pace.

“When you think of the exponential speed and scale of expansion of social media or a service, you have to believe that it is equally possible to rapidly transform the lives of those who have long stood on the margins of hope. So, friends out of this conviction were born the vision of Digital India” quoted Narendra Modi.

Today in India, E-governance has taken up the old traditional form of governance, e-mode of education has taken up the old model of studies, e-banking has taken up the traditional methods of banking. In each and every aspect of our life, we see digitalization. There cannot be a better time to go digital. The number of internet user have increased at the rate of knots. Digital India Program has been a catalyst who has increased the rate at which we attain the tag ‘Developed’.

“Strike the iron when it’s hot”, we are all acquainted with this idiom but are we seriously doing this?

At a time, when the internet is easily accessible and smartphones have become affordable when full India is up for digitalization, it’s time that we too take a stride toward it. There cannot be a better time than now.

  1. The accessibility of internet has increased by about 63% in the last two years.
  2. The government has launched an aggressive expansion of the National Optical Fibre Network that will take broadband to the 600,000 villages of our country.
  3. The government is on the go of building I-ways and want to connect all the schools and colleges.
  4. The government is expanding the supply of public Wi-Fi hotspots. “we want to ensure that free Wi-Fi is not only there in airport lounges, but also on our railway platforms. Teaming up with Google, we will cover 500 railway stations in a short time”, quoted Narendra Modi.
  5. The government has taken up the initiative to turn all the villages of India into smart economic hubs and connect all the farmers better with markets and makes them less vulnerable to the whims of weather.

As mentioned earlier, with the internet being easily accessible and the smartphones being easily affordable, Digital India Program has set the perfect platform for India to be a digital powerhouse. And the best part is, the government is giving the highest importance to data privacy and security, intellectual rights and cybersecurity.

So, from creating the infrastructure to services, from the manufacture of products to human resource development, from support governments to enabling citizens and promoting digital literacy, Digital India is a vast cyber world of opportunities for each and every individual. At a time, when the opportunities are high; where we have the talent, enterprise, and skills to succeed; where we are in a perfect partnership with the United States of America, procrastination is not an option.

Let today be the day when you remember the lines of Swami Vivekananda, “Arise! Awake! Stop not till your goal is achieved.”, and help India to become Digital because “If not now, then never”. Jai Hind!