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5 effective ways to good parenting

5 effective ways to good parenting


Raising kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world and you might feel the least prepared for it. But remember how we have grown up at our family, how our parents contributed their efforts for us, now it’s your time and you can’t neglect this responsibility, cause your parenting will build the future of your kids.

Here are nine child-rearing tips that can help you feel more fulfilled as a parent:


1. Boosting Your Child’s Self-Esteem:

Kids grow up with their parents, they tend to follow every action of their parents. That’s how they grow their senses. Your words, body language, your each and every expression are absorbed by them, it leads to build their self-esteem more than anything else. Make sure you behave well in front of your kids, don’t sought before them, don’t do anything offensive, that will leave a mark on their mind which they may follow in future.  


2. Catch Kids Being Good:

When it comes to parenting, we become very much judgemental to our kids, sometimes it’s good to be supportive instead of supervising them in every step. Suppose if your boss is treating you negatively in every step even if unintentionally, how would you feel?

I meant to say, the more effective approach is to catch kids doing something good on their own, like: “You made your bed without being asked – that’s great!” or I have seen you playing with your friend and you were very patient when you got out” these compliments will do more to encourage good behaviour over the long run than repeated scoldings, praise them for their good moves.


3. Set Limits and Be Consistent With Your Discipline:

The goal of discipline is to help kids to choose between good and bad, right and wrong also how to react to certain situations and learn self-control. Discipline is mandatory for every household but there must be a limit to it.

You must be consistent with the set discipline and set a limit too. A common mistake parents make is the failure to follow through consequences. You can’t discipline kids for talking back one day and ignore it the next. Being consistent teaches what you expect.


4. Make time for your kids:

In modern day, parents are busy with their jobs, balancing between work life and family life is a big challenge for all, but you have to keep it in mind that the most precious gift you can give to your kids is time. I know that might not possible everyday but like many parents do, arrange a ‘special night’ each week, maybe during the weekends to dine out with your kids, or by spending a quality time with them or else put a special not for them inside their lunch box.

Don’t feel guilty if you are a working parent, you can make your kids feel special even by making popcorns for them, singing songs with them or by doing window shopping. They will always remember your efforts.


5. Show That Your Love Is Unconditional: As a good and responsible parent, you are responsible for correcting and guiding your kids. But how you express your guidance makes all the difference in how a child receives it.

        When you confront your kid for doing something wrong, avoid blaming them or criticizing them, that lowers their self-esteem. Instead, strive to nurture and encourage, even when disciplining your kids. Make sure they know that although you want them to do better next time or rectify themselves, your love is there no matter what. That is the ultimate pursuit of happiness for both parents and their kids.


Happy Mother’s Day!


A man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to his mother who lived two hundred miles away.

As he got out of his car he noticed a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing.

He asked her what was wrong and she replied, “I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother.
But I only have seventy-five cents, and a rose costs two dollars.”

The man smiled and said, “Come on in with me. I’ll buy you a rose.”

He bought the little girl her rose and ordered his own mother’s flowers.

As they were leaving he offered the girl a ride home.

She said, “Yes, please! You can take me to my mother.”

She directed him to a cemetery, where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave.

The man returned to the flower shop, cancelled the wire order, picked up a bouquet and drove the two hundred miles to his mother’s house.

Sad reality of life, ain’t it? We often substitute PRESENCE with PRESENT.

My friends, “MOTHER”, is a simple six letter word but its worth cant be measured.

Who is a Mother???

A MOTHER is someone who started loving you even before you were born.

A MOTHER is someone who bare unmeasureable pain just for you.

A MOTHER is someone who nurtured you.

A MOTHER is someone who stood awake full night just to watch over you.

A MOTHER is someone who gave you the best of everything.

A MOTHER is someone who can give up her life just to see you smile.

And the list goes on…

.. No combination of any letters out of the 26 letters can rightly form a word to describe a MOTHER.

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials – heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts..

Mother is God’s gift to us.. The best gift. Mother’s love is bliss, is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. If it is there, it is like a blessing; if it is not there it is as if all the beauty had gone out of life.

As the story would suggest, a MOTHER would love nothing but your presence throughout her life.. She’s the purest form of love you will ever find.. Cherish her presence while she’s there cause once she’s gone, U’ll miss those tender arms of her.. Don’t substitute PRESENCE with PRESENT.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Angels.. You all are truly the best creation of God 

10 Reasons why one should VAWSUM.

  1. Bridging the parent and the teacher

In today’s fast-moving world, we all have pretty less time. Usually, both the parents are working. In a situation like this, parents barely get the opportunity to meet the teachers and vice versa. But one need not worry anymore, because, VAWSUM is here. VAWSUM has been specially designed to bridge the gap between a parent and a teacher. From the attendance of a student to their homework, from the school bus to the school fees, VAWSUM has solutions to all your problems. This app is a perfect stop to solve all the communication issues.

  1. Toe to toe with Digitalization

Students nowadays tend to be active on “social media” almost all day long. Parents often complain saying “My child is always busy over his/her phone.”. This is where VAWSUM plays the masterstroke. Our venture of using “Digital Media” in order to transform the modern way of communication in school has been a grand success. Students have again taken likeness in diary works, all because, its digital.

  1. Each one, plant one

We are all acquainted with the term “Each one, plant one”. Yes, we need to save our environment. Apart from afforestation, another way to save trees would be by stopping deforestation. If we don’t cut trees, then we can actually help in increasing the number of surviving trees. VAWSUM has taken up this initiative to transform the old way of using paper for school works like maintaining attendance, collecting fees, sending daily reports and all other diary work into our phones. Yes, usage of VAWSUM app actually helps in the reduction of usage of papers and thus, saving trees. Therefore, it should not only be said “Each One, Plant One” but we should also say “Each one, Use VAWSUM

  1. Time is money

Good news for all the ones who are working and cannot come to school every day for the daily updates of their ward or cannot attend the dates when fees need to be given because now you can do all these without having to miss your working hours. And teachers can actually update regarding the homework, any class or school event, any announcements or any type of personal conversation with the parents, without having to waste your time. And all because of VAWSUM. VAWSUM brings fee payment, taking attendance, regular updates regarding class and much more at the tip of our fingers. So, this is an app, tailor-made for you.

  1. Easy to pay the Fees of your child

Good news for parents as now, you don’t need to waste your precious time by standing in long queues outside the fee counter of your child in order to pay the fees. Good news for the teachers as a lot of administrative work is reduced when parents can directly pay for their child’s school fee and you can settle the payments into your accounts without doing any paperwork. So, all in all, VAWSUM is the app to be used when you want to clear the school fees of your child.

  1. Security and Reliability

Safety is never an issue with VAWSUM. Your private data including your mobile number, email address, bank account number and everything other personal details are never shared with anyone. We use 256-bit encryption for protecting your data, the same that bank uses.

  1. You don’t need to worry about the location of the school bus

VAWSUM now brings with it another feature in the app. You can now tack the school bus of your child directly from your home with just a click of your phone from your house. You don’t need to wait for the bus at the bus stop. You will get real-time locations and SMS updates.

  1. Students can do what they want to do

“The only way to do great work is love what you do”, said Steve Jobs and this is so true. The only way by which, someone would love their work is by doing what you love. Students love the digital world and studies say, a student in an average spends more time on the digital platform than with their books. So, in a time like this, the best way to enhance the child’s growth is if to merge studies with the Digital Platform. VAWSUM has been instrumental in this aspect and has had a positive response from the students, in this aspect.

  1. 24*7 Customer Service

At VAWSUM, we value our customer. We have an unbeatable customer support, something that everyone craves for. We provide 24*7 online as well as offline onsite support for all our customers. Our customer service is really “WOW” and not just a mere wow.

10. Assures a Very AWeSomE experience

The very fact that VAWSUM stands for V-very AWSUM-awesome sums it all up. Here, in VAWSUM, we believe in one goal, and that is, to give students, teachers, and parents a very awesome experience. From keeping a track of attendance to tracking down school bus, from helping in paying fees on the correct date to getting knowledge about the dates of the events and from maintaining the records of daily attendance to daily sheets, VAWSUM helps in each and every aspect. VAWSUM assures you a very awesome experience.

If you too want to have a Very Awesome experience, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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Take advantage of favorable conditions. Let us all go Digital Now!

“Our Youth has surprised the world with its IT Skills. Our ancestors used to play with snakes, we play with a mouse.” – Narendra Modi.

In order to transform the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the Government of India has launched the Digital India Program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge. India is, indeed, taking giant strides from “developing” to “developed”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘Digital India’ is moving towards its goal of quick pace.

“When you think of the exponential speed and scale of expansion of social media or a service, you have to believe that it is equally possible to rapidly transform the lives of those who have long stood on the margins of hope. So, friends out of this conviction were born the vision of Digital India” quoted Narendra Modi.

Today in India, E-governance has taken up the old traditional form of governance, e-mode of education has taken up the old model of studies, e-banking has taken up the traditional methods of banking. In each and every aspect of our life, we see digitalization. There cannot be a better time to go digital. The number of internet user have increased at the rate of knots. Digital India Program has been a catalyst who has increased the rate at which we attain the tag ‘Developed’.

“Strike the iron when it’s hot”, we are all acquainted with this idiom but are we seriously doing this?

At a time, when the internet is easily accessible and smartphones have become affordable when full India is up for digitalization, it’s time that we too take a stride toward it. There cannot be a better time than now.

  1. The accessibility of internet has increased by about 63% in the last two years.
  2. The government has launched an aggressive expansion of the National Optical Fibre Network that will take broadband to the 600,000 villages of our country.
  3. The government is on the go of building I-ways and want to connect all the schools and colleges.
  4. The government is expanding the supply of public Wi-Fi hotspots. “we want to ensure that free Wi-Fi is not only there in airport lounges, but also on our railway platforms. Teaming up with Google, we will cover 500 railway stations in a short time”, quoted Narendra Modi.
  5. The government has taken up the initiative to turn all the villages of India into smart economic hubs and connect all the farmers better with markets and makes them less vulnerable to the whims of weather.

As mentioned earlier, with the internet being easily accessible and the smartphones being easily affordable, Digital India Program has set the perfect platform for India to be a digital powerhouse. And the best part is, the government is giving the highest importance to data privacy and security, intellectual rights and cybersecurity.

So, from creating the infrastructure to services, from the manufacture of products to human resource development, from support governments to enabling citizens and promoting digital literacy, Digital India is a vast cyber world of opportunities for each and every individual. At a time, when the opportunities are high; where we have the talent, enterprise, and skills to succeed; where we are in a perfect partnership with the United States of America, procrastination is not an option.

Let today be the day when you remember the lines of Swami Vivekananda, “Arise! Awake! Stop not till your goal is achieved.”, and help India to become Digital because “If not now, then never”. Jai Hind!

The Dawn of a New Morning : Vawsum!

Today, we live in a digital world, in which ‘Facebook’ is the third largest community. The advancement of technology has broken down all barriers and has made the world a better place to live in. A bomb blast in California brings tears to the eyes of a person living in the villages of Myanmar; when some tribal girl from a remote village in Rajasthan cracks the Indian Administrative Exam, a person from New York becomes proud of her success; a step on the moon brings joy to the whole earth even though the moon is 384 thousand kilometers away from the earth; this is all because of the improvement in telecommunication.

Telecommunication has indeed transformed this world into a global village. With just one click of the button, we get information about the remotest place on earth. That is the power of telecommunication in our lives. Technology has had an impact on each and every sphere of our lives. From buying books to booking tickets, from banking to shopping – “online” market has taken its toll on everything.
Technology has had its say in every aspect of our lives, but the most unique impact has been in the educational sector. The infusion of technology has not only helped in the advancement of education at an exponential rate but is also helping in bridging the gap between the parent, teacher and school authorities when it comes to school. Schools have taken a stride toward digitization in order to save time, resources and energy. Payment of school bills, tracking of the school bus, official works and studies – there are different apps helping us in different sections. But then again the problem remains, which app should one go for?

VAWSUM decided to answer this question. In order to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and school administration, VAWSUM has brought with it features that will help parents track their child’s attendance, the child’s test scores, the child’s progress in a particular subject, the location of the child’s school bus, payment of the child’s fees and much more, all under ONE platform. VAWSUM helps teachers communicate better with the parents. Using VAWSUM, the teachers can take the attendance, maintain the contact details of the students and their parents, make important announcements, create events (parents can give feedbacks in this regard), make a poll (this helps when you want to go for excursions or picnics), send personal messages to the parents (this helps when a teacher has to inform a parent regarding a child on regular basis), upload YouTube links, picture and videos, and much more, all under THE SAME platform. And for the school, it helps during admission, helps during placement drive and when there is a strong bond between the teacher and the parent, it is bound to help in boosting the reputation of the school. All this, and much more, makes VAWSUM the most loved app of the modern times, as evidenced by its successful partnership with more than 1000 schools across India. The gist of the testimonials from the users is, “Wow, some app it is.”

For more information regarding our app, please visit our official website,

Tips to Build Your School Name.

“Brand is the promise, the big idea, the expectations that reside in each customer’s mind about a product, service or company.  Branding is about making an emotional connection.”  – Alina Wheeler, Designing Brand Identity

One of the most daunting task for every business is marketing the business and if you are running a school, then branding becomes even more troublesome. A lot of things needs to be kept intact when one has to do the branding as far as the school is concerned. From teachers to parents, from present students to ex-students, from workers to drivers – the school authority needs to put in that extra effort when branding is concerned. As Alina Wheeler says, branding can only be done when one can strike an emotional chord in the heart of the people.

Vawsum helps a school do just that. VAWSUM – the educational app that ensures a proper communication between parent and students helps you do just that. VAWSUM helps a school in the following ways :

> Vawsum ensures a better parent-teacher relationship. A parent doesn’t only get involved, but he/she also gets engaged with the important decision making of his/her child. this is done by

  • The ATTENDANCE module of the App notifies a parent regarding the attendance of the student on a regular basis. This shows that each school values their student and this builds a trust between the school and the parents of each and every student.
  • All the DIARY Work can be updated and sent to each parent on a regular basis. This improves the parent-teacher communication and thus, the school name gets printed in the good book of every parent.
  • One can easily SHARE LINKS using this app. This creates the atmosphere of the smart class. This feature helps students in better learning. Students get excited about learning because of this feature and thus, the school name gets printed in the good book of every student.

Now, when both, the students and parents are happy, they automatically become the brand ambassadors of the school and thus, helping in the BRANDING of the school.

>The online fees payment facility saves the time of each parent and once again, converts each parent into a potential brand ambassador for the school.

>The bus tracking facility that VAWSUM provides, ensures safety and security for each student. This also ensures that every driver rides safely. “Security” forms one major component when BRANDING is concerned.

> In this digital world, VAWSUM provides a digital platform to both, parent and the school authority. Thus, VAWSUM is helping each and everyone to be toe to toe with digitalization.

All these factors help in building the BRAND name of each and every school afterall “A Satisfied Customer, is the Best Business strategy of all“. So all in all, if you want a better BRANDING of your SCHOOL, then VAWSUM is the ideal platform.


6 ways by which a Teacher can teach without having any stress!

Teaching kids’ day in and day out is a rewarding career, and many teachers will tell you that they love their job. Teaching is essentially a multitasking job with several requirements of being a parent, a mentor, a guide and what not! It is one of the noblest professions with the onus of developing an individual. The students’ personality, character, attitude, thinking approach and much more is shaped by a teacher. A teacher definitely is an “all-rounder”.

On the other hand, teaching a classroom of kids every day can be quite stressful as it is an iterative process. A teacher needs to teach the same set of chapters and subjects every year. Hence, it might feel very stressful at times. But here are some easy stress busters for teachers to handle stress!

1. Add laughter to the classroom.

Laughing is the best way to relieve stress. It makes your body feel better by releasing all those toxins and gives you a rejuvenated mood with alacrity. Cracking jokes with the students at times decrease the student-teacher barrier and create a friendly atmosphere. But remember to get them back to their studies soon!

2. Provide effective discipline measures.

Depending on the age of the student, teachers should customize their approach such that he/she can cater to the need of the student. Being too harsh or too easy is not recommended. A perfect blend will create a strict environment during class with a friendly atmosphere which will help in holistic development of the students.

3. Add creative expression in the classroom.

When it feels like the classroom is running out of control, an easy movement exercise will help them refocus again. Movement exercises can include standing-sitting, quick-slow breathing, inhale, exhale with eyes closed, or even pin drop silence for a minute or two. These exercises will help them concentrate again.

4. Keep paperwork organized.

When students submit their classroom assignments, assessment tests scripts, homework and any other such documents, then its highly recommended to organize them accordingly with roll numbers and keep them in separate stacks. Maintaining a separate sheet when the number is large also helps. All these small things will save time, increase efficiency and reduce stress.

5. Use hand signals.

Nothing distracts teachers more than interruptions. The use of hand signals is a popular method among teachers to communicate with students without interrupting the class. Simply have students raise their hands to answer a question as usual. If a student needs to use the bathroom, they can raise their forefinger in the air. Teachers can also come up with their own system, but it works well.

6. Make an attitude adjustment.

When you feel yourself becoming stressed in the classroom, try to think of the situation as a challenge. Keep a positive attitude and realize that you cannot control everything that happens in your classroom, but you can react to situations proactively. Students will eventually follow your lead when they are in your room.

The future of our world lies in the hands of kids and students of the new generation. Their upbringing hence plays a very crucial role which will define our World and its citizens in the future years to come. Teachers are the pillars of strength upon which their students would build up the future world. So, for all the teachers shaping the tomorrow of Planet Earth, Live life stress-free!

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Security just became AWESOME with Vawsum!

Sending off kids to school in school buses can be a very intimidating for the parent as one has no idea if his/her kid has reached school safely or not and this intimidation will continue till the child returns home safely in the evening. But if the school bus is a little late, parents’ minds start running at the rate of knots. Approximately, 17,000 children are rushed to emergency rooms on an average per year because of school bus-related issues.

When it comes to the safety and security of children, technological solutions are mandated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In January 2014, the Board made it compulsory for all school buses to be equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) for their locations to be tracked.

Like CBSE, using the technology advancement like GPS to track school buses would be an effective solution for all. Considering its simplicity and utility, this tracking system is a perfect solution for the parents as well as the school authorities and if the GPS service provider is VAWSUM, then the experience is bound to be very awesome. Let us have a close look at the boon of the system provided by VAWSUM.


With VAWSUM, the school buses are being tracked and so, the school authorities and parents get real-time information on the location of every student. Notifications are sent for unscheduled stops, and the real-time location can be checked from the system’s mobile application; thus quickly finding solutions during emergency situations.

Easy Management

VAWSUM  takes care of routing and scheduling automatically. School authorities only need to review it and make changes for exceptional cases.

Peace of Mind

VAWSUM helps to provide peace of mind to both, parents and school authorities. VAWSUM provides real-time notifications and thus, one can easily get to know the reason behind the delayed school transportation. Sometimes it can be a traffic jam, unfavorable weather condition, break down, etc. whatever may be the reason, parents and school authorities will know about it instantly.

Enhances Driver Safety

By using a VAWSUM, one can easily monitor over details such as speed, acceleration, braking, and turnings that the bus take, with utmost ease and with these data, one will easily be able to know whether the driver is driving safely and whether he/she is following road safety rules or not.

Saves Time

By using VAWSUM, parents are able to get a real-time notification on arrival and departure timing of a school bus. Hence, waiting for a long time for the arrival of the school bus can be avoided with utmost ease and thus, save the time for both children and parents.

Green India

VAWSUM helps you track school buses. When the bus is under surveillance, the bus driver will always opt to use the best route for school transportation and also, there are little chances of a student missing the school bus and opting for a different mode of communication for that day. All these will reduce the fuel consumption, which will result in creating a greener environment.

The installation of GPS tracking systems with VAWSUM really fosters the safety of the child. Many school authorities and parents have already installed it and ensured the safety of the child. If you too want to ensure the same, then VAWSUM is your ideal solution.

For more updates, kindly visit our official webpage at 

Let the Placement be done in the most Vawsum Way.

How much time, energy and talent are channelized every year during college placements? There’s a placement committee that takes care of the logistics and records, manages companies arriving for campus placements and so on. This committee also takes care of students’ records as per their skills, academic performances and activities.

The same procedure is repeated the next year with the same amount of resources. No wonder that every college has something called a ‘placement season’ because here’s where the college utilizes all of its energy and resources in getting their students jobs. This is considered a major waste of resources in today’s times where everything is digitalized. It’s time for colleges to drop the use of unnecessary documentation and start using a smart application for the placement period.

Vawsum is a cool mobile application that’s on a mission to make learning awesome. Part of its formidable variety of features is the Placement Module. Colleges who signed up for Vawsum will get this module as a feature that simplifies the placement process.

The college admin can simply create a job posting on the Vawsum app in the Placement Module feature. Registered students then can respond to the job posting by uploading their CV and other documents right in the application. The college admin can attach brochure or any document of the company with the job posting so students will have an idea where they are applying.

This removes all the hassles of unnecessary documentation especially filing all the CVs, company documents, tests etc. The students can simply download test documents from the job listing, take the test and upload the document to the post.

If you wish to sign up for Vawsum and avail this time-saving placement module, do give us a call. Visit us at  


Health of the student is of the utmost priority.

All over the world kids are introduced to new sports every day. Their bodies are asked to do things in all different directions, different speeds, different ranges and different planes. In order to be successful in any sport, children first need to develop an athletic foundation and a baseline of physical fitness upon which they can excel in the sport.

Kids are essentially thrown into sports without any preparation, and left to figure it out on their own. Invariably the more physically gifted rises to the top and the rest get left behind. The end result is that so many children experience failure, and quickly quit their sport (or want to quit) before they can learn invaluable lessons like work ethic, teamwork and the satisfaction of achievement. An athletic foundation and a base level of physical fitness are so important for kids in order to avoid this failure.

Playing any sport requires certain physical and mental abilities, and these can be better developed independently from the sport itself. That’s where VAWSUM comes in. Before practicing and competing in any sport, children need to learn balance, rhythm, timing, motor control of their arms and legs, how to run properly, jump properly, change direction, good diet and so much more. Vawsum helps parents to stay connected with his/her child in the real-time wherein he/she would get to know exactly what the child is eating and how much is the child practicing. One can do this easily with the help of videos, photos, and messages. The teacher can also do one on one conversation with the parent and this would surely help when a student is not doing to his/her potential. This, thus, keeps the parent informed about what the child is doing and each parent can then push the child that extra notch if required. This would then help the child attain SUCCESS and thus, enhancing the growth of the child.

So we can see, that, VAWSUM helps in creating an atmosphere that fosters the healthy growth of the child.