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The Benefits of Using VAWSUM to share Educational Contents.

The wind of “Digital India” has blown away all the narrow domestic walls that had ever separated the Rural from the Urban in India. With every passing day, India is slowly, but surely, taking strides towards becoming a digital village. Now, the best thing about this digital village is, we need not go about searching for the needle in the haystack. On the contrary, the needle automatically surrenders with the click of just one button. That’s the power of digitalization.

Centuries ago, one had to wait for months in order to talk to a person living in a far-off land. At times, months became years due to drawbacks in the communication facilities. But things have changed. We have become wiser. Digitalization has been the catalyst for our improvement.

With all these achievements, it becomes easier for parents as well. Now, they can easily stay in touch with the day to day work of their child. How? The answer lies in one simple, yet powerful catalyst and i.e. VAWSUM, a parent-teacher engagement app. It has bridged the gap in the parent-teacher communication front. Using VAWSUM, a parent stays connected to his/her child in every aspect of his journey. Be it in his academics or extra-curricular activities. It was only yesterday that a parent had to rely solely on the student to know about the syllabus, study plan, daily circulars in school, assignments or school magazine. But that is not the case anymore as using this awesome App, a teacher can be updated each and every parent regularly. Using this App, a teacher can send files in the format: PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPTX or DOCX.

Of all the benefits that come with sending files, the most notable ones are:


Gone are the days when one had to print bulks of paper in order to pass on the syllabus to the parents. That’s not it. The headache of the parent associated with receiving the syllabus via the student is also quite high as there is a high chance of the syllabus being misplaced. But parent and teacher don’t need to worry anymore. Using VAWSUM, just one click ensures that the syllabus reaches the parent. NO CHANCES OF IT BEING MISPLACED. NO WASTAGE OF PAPER. Isn’t it awesome?


“Sending the STUDY PLAN to parents has never been this awesome. Thanks to VAWSUM.” – Mrs. Helena Paul, Principal, Model High School

This one line sums it all up. If you doubt this statement, then you should definitely try VAWSUM.


Need to send circulars to parents with full safety, such that there is no scope for it getting misplaced? Then try VAWSUM. With just a click, you can send the circular and in the blink of an eye, the parents would receive the same. THERE IS NO CHANCE OF IT BEING MISPLACED.


It is quite often that a teacher receives a complain that a student had no clue about a particular assignment. A student might give many reasons behind this. There can be hundreds of stories. But with VAWSUM, those stories are never unfolding as with VAWSUM, a teacher can send the daily assignments on a regular basis to the parents of each and every student. Once the parent receives the same, the parents of the student can ensure that the assignment is completed on time. Thus, there won’t be anymore complaining about the assignment not being. Thus, sending the assignment directly to each parent can indeed be a masterstroke.

  1. Sending School Magazines

“Sir/Ma’am, I was absent yesterday. Can you please give me the magazine today?” – All teachers can relate to this question. Distribution of school magazines can be a very hectic job but thanks to VAWSUM, it is no longer so. Now with just one click of a button and within the blink of an eye, the softcopy of the magazine can easily be sent to the parent. Thus, this reduces the pressure on the teachers when the distributions of magazines are concerned.

Now, the best feature of VAWSUM is, a teacher can do all these and much more, WITHOUT DISCLOSING HIS/HER PERSONAL DETAILS (not even the phone number). Now, this is what makes us better than the rest.

Many have already taken shelter under the umbrella of VAWSUM. It is time for you to do the same.

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How can classroom learning activities be improved?

A pure and tender heart enters school as a unique individual, they get molded by genes, surrounding environment, and obviously a certain spark within themselves. The child in her/him gradually winds her/his way through the curriculum, with a strong desire to fit in — to be like everyone else around them like the elders — grows, mingled that spark that will nurture him to become a unique identity.

We often see that intelligent girls and boys keep them transformed in dress, discussion, and several actions from above-average performers to average ones in an attempt to fit in. To counteract peer pressure, teachers should include activities to help the students feel more comfortable with the people they are. A handful of those activities, which could be used with students at any grade level, are listed below.

Video Streaming

If an image says a thousand words, imagine what a video can say. Streaming video in a classroom will help to offer a clearer and complete image to the kids. YouTube may be a great tool for this; chances are high to find a video clip to go with any lesson there.

Shared Learning

At the end of every quarter week, once every student rereads his/her journal, one can write a poem or even describe a dream or event, in order to engage the students in the classroom.  This will help in building a better and stronger communication between the teacher and students.

Playing game

Which child doesn’t love to take part in games? Classroom study can be made all the more interesting by inculcating different games. There can be indoor as well as outdoor games. From the real world to the virtual world- games indeed make learning a joyous ride. Students will keep track of their progress and work to vie with alternative students to advance to successive level.

Accentuate the Positive

Breaking the whole class into teams of 4 to 6 groups, students can focus in one member at a time. Teachers can encourage compliments that specialize in behavior instead of one thing that can’t be altered or developed. Negative words that can put someone down should not be allowed. Each comment should be positive. One student acts as the recorder.

There are so many other activities through which a teacher can support their students to build a positive self-concept. As a teacher, no one would like to produce cookie-cutter children. Teachers love to nourish each student’s individual soul and there can be no better way than to involve them and make learning an awesome experience. As an ancient Chinese proverb says:

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand.”

Teacher reducing stress

Ways teachers can reduce stress

Teaching kids’ day in and day out is a rewarding career, and many teachers will tell you that they love their job. Teaching is essentially a multitasking job with several requirements of being a parent, a mentor, a guide and what not! It is one of the noblest professions with the onus of developing an individual. The students’ personality, character, attitude, thinking approach and much more is shaped by a teacher. A teacher definitely is an “all-rounder”.

On the other hand, teaching a classroom of kids every day can be quite stressful as it is an iterative process. A teacher needs to teach the same set of chapters and subjects every year. Hence, it might feel very stressful at times. But here are some easy stress busters for teachers to handle stress!

  1. Add laughter to the classroom.

Laughing is the best way to relieve stress. It makes your body feel better by releasing all those toxins and gives you a rejuvenated mood with alacrity. Cracking jokes with the students at times decrease the student-teacher barrier and create a friendly atmosphere. But remember to get them back to their studies soon!

  1. Provide effective discipline measures.

Depending on the age of the student, teachers should customize their approach such that he/she can cater to the need of the student. Being too harsh or too easy is not recommended. A perfect blend will create a strict environment during class with a friendly atmosphere which will help in holistic development of the students.

  1. Add creative expression in the classroom.

When it feels like the classroom is running out of control, an easy movement exercise will help them refocus again. Movement exercises can include standing-sitting, quick-slow breathing, inhale, exhale with eyes closed, or even pin drop silence for a minute or two. These exercises will help them concentrate again.

  1. Keep paperwork organized.

When students submit their classroom assignments, assessment tests scripts, homework and any other such documents, then its highly recommended to organize them accordingly with roll numbers and keep them in separate stacks. Maintaining a separate sheet when the number is large also helps. All these small small things will save time, increase efficiency and reduce stress.

  1. Use hand signals.

Nothing distracts teachers more than interruptions. The use of hand signals is a popular method among teachers to communicate with students without interrupting the class. Simply have students raise their hands to answer a question as usual. If a student needs to use the bathroom, they can raise their forefinger in the air. Teachers can also come up with their own system, but it works well.

  1. Make an attitude adjustment.

When you feel yourself becoming stressed in the classroom, try to think of the situation as a challenge. Keep a positive attitude and realize that you cannot control everything that happens in your classroom, but you can react to situations proactively. Students will eventually follow your lead when they are in your room.

The future of our world lies in the hands of kids and students of the new generation. Their upbringing hence plays a very crucial role which will define our World and its citizens in the future years to come. Teachers are the pillars of strength upon which their students would build up the future world. So, for all the teachers shaping the tomorrow of Planet Earth, Live life stress-free!

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cashier using vawsum

I am a cashier, can I count those golden moments of my kids ?

Mrs.Roy recently started a new job as a cashier.  It was her second week on the job and she had some screw-ups, funny stories, weird dilemmas and some unbelievable customers. This was her first customer service job- not that she hasn’t had to deal and work with customers before, just not this much or at this level.

Mrs. Roy is a  hardworking and cheerful lady. She has a loving family, caring husband and a beautiful daughter Ananya. Mrs.Roy loves spending time with Ananya and enjoys her little-little mischiefs.

Mrs.Roy started remaining busy, now she had lots of work to handle. She was unable to spend time with his family. One day while she was at work, a father came with his daughter to get her a new toy, seeing that she started missing Ananya and what followed was something amazing. Her hands crept into her purse and she took out her phone. She then started gazing at the pictures that were sent to her from Ananya’s school. Actually, the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. It was a neat application, very easy to use. Through Vawsum she got the pictures of Ananya which, always, makes her day.

There are millions of Mrs.Roy out there, working day and night, unknown to the activities of her daughter/son. But you all don’t need to worry anymore. All thanks to VAWSUM, the unknown becomes known with the click of a button.

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I am an air hostess , I see the world, now I see what my child did at school today

Rajni finished making the announcements and settled in her seat. The lights gradually went dim and the rumble grew louder. She had been an air hostess for nearly four years now but still felt uncomfortable whenever the flight made these turns and noises. However, she never let any of her inhibitions show on her face.
Life had been good to her. She had an amazing family and a husband, who listened. A smile spread across her lips as she remembered how he had surprised her by landing up at the airport with balloons to pick her up last week. Having him by his side made her stressful life a little more manageable.
Rajni noticed the mother in the third row trying to put her child to sleep. The kid would be of roughly the same age as Amit, Rajni mused. Amit had Rajesh’s eyes. He was turning out to be naughtier every day. She wished she could spend more time seeing him grow. Thankfully the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. It was a neat application, very easy to use. She looked forward to getting off the flight now and get real-time updates. The picture of Amit playing with colours was just adorable! Her colleagues had all fussed about how fast Amit was growing up.

Vawsum! Making Learning Awesome… Yes, very awesome indeed, she pondered.