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The effect of Digital India on the traditional method of taking attendance


“I see technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity” – Narendra Modi.

The Digital India program is a flagship program of the Government of India. In order to transform the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the Government of India has launched the Digital India program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Digitalization has indeed had its say in the field of education as well and VAWSUM has been the platform boosting the cause. The digital method of taking attendance has indeed been a very productive initiative as it has resulted in a better REGULARITY OF STUDENTS IN SCHOOLS.


The genesis of taking Digital Attendance has been a GOOD NEWS FOR THE TEACHERS, PARENTS OF THE STUDENTS AND THE SCHOOL INDEED.

And the reasons are:


Who would dare not come to school if you have an app keeping an eye on your attendance and that too if the eye is directly connected to the parents of the individual? I believe, NONE.

  • The PROGRESS of the student

“The research is clear; if you want to know whether a child is on a path toward passing or failing, standardized test scores are not very useful. Far more telling is whether that Child comes to school regularly or not” said one principal and it really can’t be explained better.

The progress of a child is indeed directly proportional to the regularity of that child in school and there cannot be a better way to monitor that than the system of taking DIGITAL ATTENDANCE.

  • The REPUTATION of the school

Now if a student is regular to school, he/she is bound to study well. And if a student studies well, whose reputation gets boosted?  A masterstroke indeed.


But still there remains that thin line between “Developing” and “being Developed”. The only person who can get rid of that line is WE. The sustainable development of one-sixth of humanity will be a major force of good for our world and our planet. Many schools have taken up this initiative to digitalize attendance. If you want a consistent rise in the attendance of the students in your school then Vawsum is the ideal solution.

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Technology Driven Parent-School Communication is Making Children Smarter

Working parents are busy but that doesn’t mean they are not interested in keeping up with their children’s growth and progress. Who wants to miss their child’s first poetry recital or first 100-meter race win? But more than 90% of these growth or competitive activities happen in school. And parents cannot be practically present on those occasions, especially if both of them have jobs.

A report by revealed that Asian Americans, who are only 4% of the US population, have a higher percentage of student bodies in top universities. The results were quite decisive –

  • 24% at Stanford
  • 18% at Harvard
  • 25% at Columbia and Cornell.

One of the reasons why these students outperformed other Americans was simply because parents participated in their school activities and rewarded their school performances.

This means that the more parents are connected regularly with their children’s schools, the more likely their children are to succeed in life. A US Census report once stated that 6 out of 10 children participated in extracurricular activities and this number could increase, had the parents were more involved in school.

Working parents have all the more reason to communicate regularly with teachers and school because they are often not present at home when the children return from school. They need to be aware of the children’s absences, behavior in school, homework, and various school activities.

A 2014 study titled “The underutilized potential of teacher-to-parent communication” stated that –

Students whose parents received some form of the message from their teacher were 6.5 percentage points more likely to earn course credits for the classes they were enrolled in, compared to the control group.

Schools too need to communicate important messages to parents both in regular routines and in special circumstances.

The most practical way to bridge the communication gap between parents and school is through an on-the-go mobile application such as Vawsum. Schools can send photos and videos of their children’s activities such as dance, singing, sports, excursions along with daily updates of attendance, daily sheets or feedback from teachers.

Imagine a world where we would have almost all of our children truly following their dreams and pursuing their vocations, simply because some schools went the extra mile and ensured a smooth communication with parents.

College placements made easy with Vawsum

How much time, energy and talent are channelized every year during college placements? There’s a placement committee that takes care of the logistics and records, manages companies arriving for campus placements and so on. This committee also takes care of students’ records as per their skills, academic performances and activities.

The same procedure is repeated the next year with the same amount of resources. No wonder that every college has something called a ‘placement season’ because here’s where the college utilizes all of its energy and resources in getting their students jobs. This is considered a major waste of resources in today’s times where everything is digitalized. It’s time for colleges to drop the use of unnecessary documentation and start using a smart application for the placement period.

Vawsum is a cool mobile application that’s on a mission to make learning awesome. Part of its formidable variety of features is the Placement Module. Colleges who signed up for Vawsum will get this module as a feature that simplifies the placement process.

The college admin can simply create a job posting on the Vawsum app in the Placement Module feature. Registered students then can respond to the job posting by uploading their CV and other documents right in the application. The college admin can attach brochure or any document of the company with the job posting so students will have an idea where they are applying.

This removes all the hassles of unnecessary documentation especially filing all the CVs, company documents, tests etc. The students can simply download test documents from the job listing, take the test and upload the document to the post.

If you wish to sign up for Vawsum and avail this time-saving placement module, do give us a call. Visit us at 

Vawsum app provides alternative to pool car ban in city schools, Allows parents to track bus live on map

Recently there have been several incidences of children, typically those in Play Schools or primary classes, being abused by their teachers and other staff at the school, tuitions or sporting institutions. Needless to say, these incidents have done considerable damage to the hitherto untarnished reputation of these institutions. While a single isolated incident would not have garnered much attention, the frequency of such unfortunate events has been growing alarmingly of late, leading to an increased public outcry and a growing concern over the safety and security of young kids in educational and other institutions. In a recent episode of a similar tragedy in a reputed private school in a posh Kolkata locality, agitated parents gheraoed the campus and held the teachers and staff hostage for several hours, till the police came to the rescue.

Several mitigation measures have been suggested; installing CCTVs inside school campuses, strict regulation of pool cabs and school buses ferrying students to and from school, not allowing laborers and maintenance staff not associated with the school inside the campus within school hours etc. In what is being seen as a rather harsh but desperate bid at ensuring the safety of its students as well as its reputation, a prominent girls’ school in the same city went a step ahead and banned pool cars for nursery kids. It has now made it compulsory for nursery students to be dropped off and picked up by a parent or guardian only.

The following questions arise: Are these measures sufficient at preventing the recurrence of such untoward incidences? Also, how will already over-stressed working parents cope with the added burden of accompanying their kids to and from school? Is there an alternative that can achieve the desired objective of ensuring student safety while simultaneously preventing any additional burden on the child? Will that alternative be as effective as the physical presence in ensuring the child’s safety and peace of mind for the parent?

Vawsum’s School bus tracking is a unique cost-effective solution to all the above questions. Vawsum is a simple and intuitive mobile app that lets people stay informed about their child’s whereabouts. Vawsum works using available cellular network infrastructure and GPS technology and seamlessly integrates both to deliver real-time location tracking and updates in the form of notifications (push, toast, SMS etc.)

Vawsum is highly customizable and just as flexible. An array of features is available on the platform- such as adding bus stops at user-defined locations. Parents using Vawsum can make use of location preferences feature in the “School bus tracking” and they get an update whenever their wards’ school bus enters a proximity radius defined by the user, say 500m from home. This is in addition to the live GPS-based school bus tracking that already lets parents track their child’s school bus throughout the duration of the journey from home to school and back. Location is captured using GPS and transmitted using cellular data (internet), which, if unavailable temporarily, automatically syncs all tracking data once the connection is re-established.

Vawsum’s school bus tracking feature can greatly help both working parents as well as homemakers. In addition to the obvious security benefits, this feature also enhances productivity by saving both the parent’s as well as the child’s time. They do not have to wait at the bus stop for long and can plan their journey as the bus’s location is tracked in real-time. Parents get SMS and in-app updates all the time, so they can rest assured and concentrate on their jobs without the slightest fear or apprehension about their ward’s safety. Vawsum also sends updates if the vehicle over-speeds and reduces critical response time in the unfortunate incident of any mishap. As a product designed with paramount importance on user safety, Vawsum continually strives to deliver the finest of solutions in the best possible manner.
Why ban pool cars when you can use a free utility to keep track of ’em and ensure safety?

School-home communication is greatly increased through personalized positive telephone contact

Just imagine the impact that happens once any parent receives phone calls regarding the educational and performance progress of their kids regarding what they have done in recent weeks, or, maybe, asking if the parent has received any info regarding the school programs and expectations. School communication is greatly enhanced and magnified through personal communication.

When a telephonic conversation from school carries info that’s positive, the atmosphere between the house and the school is improved. It encourages everybody to believe that every kid will learn.

Benefits of Positive Phone Calls

To be simplest, parents got to receive a minimum of 2 or 3 positive phone calls over the course of the school year. Some topics for making the calls can be

  • Introducing the teacher to the parent;
  • Describing the child’s curriculum;
  • Commenting on the child’s progress;
  • Informing the parent of a special action or improvement by the child;
  • Telling the parent of explicit strengths of the kid and also sharing an account regarding them; and
  • Inviting the parents to open homes, conferences, volunteering within the school, and alternative school functions.

While very easy in conception, a positive telephone call program will need time and energy. Robust support is required from school directors, who should offer right faculties with the time, feedback, and resources they’re going to get to implement this program. Teachers also need to be concerned with the students to guarantee their commitment.

All in all, a positive phone call, not only bridges the gap between the parent and the teacher but also helps in the overall growth of the student. So teachers need to go that extra mile and reach up to the students with the help of phone calls. Positive phone calls!

How Parental involvement can free teachers to focus more on the task of teaching children

Parental involvement in child’s education is systematically found to be absolutely related to a child’s educational performance. However, there has been very little investigation of the mechanisms that can properly designate this association. The current study examines two main mechanisms of this association: the child’s perception of psychological feature competency and therefore the quality of the student-teacher relationship. This study used a sample of many seven-year recent participants, their mothers, and their teachers. All the follow ups and results indicated a statistically important association between parent involvement and a child’s educational performance, over and higher than the impact of the child’s intelligence. Multiple mediation models indicated that the child’s perception of psychological feature competency totally mediates the relation between parent involvements and therefore the child’s performance on an identical accomplishment take a look at.

The quality of the student-teacher relationship totally mediates the relation between parent involvement and teacher ratings of the child’s room educational performance. Limitations, future analysis directions, and implications for public policy initiatives were mentioned.

Research shows that parental involvement will free lecturers to focus additional on the task of teaching youngsters. Also, by having additional contact with oldsters, teachers can learn additional things concerning students’ wants and residential surroundings. These are the information they’ll apply toward in further communication. Parents who are quite concerned tend to have added a positive vibe to teachers, which ends up in improved teacher morale.

Good two-way communication between families and schools is practically essential for your students’ success. It’s quite obvious, the analysis shows that the more teachers and students share relevant communication with one another the mutual growth can succeed academically and morally as well.


How can classroom learning activities be improved?

A pure and tender heart enters school as a unique individual, they get molded by genes, surrounding environment, and obviously a certain spark within themselves. The child in her/him gradually winds her/his way through the curriculum, with a strong desire to fit in — to be like everyone else around them like the elders — grows, mingled that spark that will nurture him to become a unique identity.

We often see that intelligent girls and boys keep them transformed in dress, discussion, and several actions from above-average performers to average ones in an attempt to fit in. To counteract peer pressure, teachers should include activities to help the students feel more comfortable with the people they are. A handful of those activities, which could be used with students at any grade level, are listed below.

Video Streaming

If an image says a thousand words, imagine what a video can say. Streaming video in a classroom will help to offer a clearer and complete image to the kids. YouTube may be a great tool for this; chances are high to find a video clip to go with any lesson there.

Shared Learning

At the end of every quarter week, once every student rereads his/her journal, one can write a poem or even describe a dream or event, in order to engage the students in the classroom.  This will help in building a better and stronger communication between the teacher and students.

Playing game

Which child doesn’t love to take part in games? Classroom study can be made all the more interesting by inculcating different games. There can be indoor as well as outdoor games. From the real world to the virtual world- games indeed make learning a joyous ride. Students will keep track of their progress and work to vie with alternative students to advance to successive level.

Accentuate the Positive

Breaking the whole class into teams of 4 to 6 groups, students can focus in one member at a time. Teachers can encourage compliments that specialize in behavior instead of one thing that can’t be altered or developed. Negative words that can put someone down should not be allowed. Each comment should be positive. One student acts as the recorder.

There are so many other activities through which a teacher can support their students to build a positive self-concept. As a teacher, no one would like to produce cookie-cutter children. Teachers love to nourish each student’s individual soul and there can be no better way than to involve them and make learning an awesome experience. As an ancient Chinese proverb says:

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand.”

How Do We Build Effective Parent-School Partnerships in Inclusive Schools?

Parents and schools need to work in tandem to make sure that the students get a proper studying and growing environment. There’s a big pool of research and studies on the positive impact of parenting on the child’s success, not just in school but throughout life.

Let’s take a look at the aspect of gaining respect in this field and era of parenting.  In building respect both the parent and the school are valued, they are trusted and they are respected. The needs of the child come first and the child’s needs form the basis of all interactions. Both recognize that the family perspective is invaluable actually in providing in-depth insights and information as to what a child needs to be successful in school.

The parents are full partners in the decision-making process of the child being successful in school because that information is so important and many times there is what we call an open-door policy at school. Here is also what we call the recognition of limits. The parents do have limits, as they have other responsibilities as well, so schools provide access to services, supports, resources, and meetings at times and places that work for their parents.

Now that neither the school nor the parent blames the other for what’s not working but instead they claim responsibility for school success. Then comes the most important aspect of the parent-teacher relationship and that is to build trust as trust sustains those quality partnerships. The keys to building relationships with partnerships are the same as building relationships in the classroom. We need to feel belonged, we need to feel trusted and we need to feel valued. Relationship nurtures the collaboration and that is so necessary for partnerships to survive. This, in turn, will help kids succeed in school and later on in their lives.

To conclude the three R’s, Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships helps us to form all those partnerships that help the kids to flourish in a better way.

Teacher reducing stress

Ways teachers can reduce stress

Teaching kids’ day in and day out is a rewarding career, and many teachers will tell you that they love their job. Teaching is essentially a multitasking job with several requirements of being a parent, a mentor, a guide and what not! It is one of the noblest professions with the onus of developing an individual. The students’ personality, character, attitude, thinking approach and much more is shaped by a teacher. A teacher definitely is an “all-rounder”.

On the other hand, teaching a classroom of kids every day can be quite stressful as it is an iterative process. A teacher needs to teach the same set of chapters and subjects every year. Hence, it might feel very stressful at times. But here are some easy stress busters for teachers to handle stress!

  1. Add laughter to the classroom.

Laughing is the best way to relieve stress. It makes your body feel better by releasing all those toxins and gives you a rejuvenated mood with alacrity. Cracking jokes with the students at times decrease the student-teacher barrier and create a friendly atmosphere. But remember to get them back to their studies soon!

  1. Provide effective discipline measures.

Depending on the age of the student, teachers should customize their approach such that he/she can cater to the need of the student. Being too harsh or too easy is not recommended. A perfect blend will create a strict environment during class with a friendly atmosphere which will help in holistic development of the students.

  1. Add creative expression in the classroom.

When it feels like the classroom is running out of control, an easy movement exercise will help them refocus again. Movement exercises can include standing-sitting, quick-slow breathing, inhale, exhale with eyes closed, or even pin drop silence for a minute or two. These exercises will help them concentrate again.

  1. Keep paperwork organized.

When students submit their classroom assignments, assessment tests scripts, homework and any other such documents, then its highly recommended to organize them accordingly with roll numbers and keep them in separate stacks. Maintaining a separate sheet when the number is large also helps. All these small small things will save time, increase efficiency and reduce stress.

  1. Use hand signals.

Nothing distracts teachers more than interruptions. The use of hand signals is a popular method among teachers to communicate with students without interrupting the class. Simply have students raise their hands to answer a question as usual. If a student needs to use the bathroom, they can raise their forefinger in the air. Teachers can also come up with their own system, but it works well.

  1. Make an attitude adjustment.

When you feel yourself becoming stressed in the classroom, try to think of the situation as a challenge. Keep a positive attitude and realize that you cannot control everything that happens in your classroom, but you can react to situations proactively. Students will eventually follow your lead when they are in your room.

The future of our world lies in the hands of kids and students of the new generation. Their upbringing hence plays a very crucial role which will define our World and its citizens in the future years to come. Teachers are the pillars of strength upon which their students would build up the future world. So, for all the teachers shaping the tomorrow of Planet Earth, Live life stress-free!

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cashier using vawsum

I am a cashier, can I count those golden moments of my kids ?

Mrs.Roy recently started a new job as a cashier.  It was her second week on the job and she had some screw-ups, funny stories, weird dilemmas and some unbelievable customers. This was her first customer service job- not that she hasn’t had to deal and work with customers before, just not this much or at this level.

Mrs. Roy is a  hardworking and cheerful lady. She has a loving family, caring husband and a beautiful daughter Ananya. Mrs.Roy loves spending time with Ananya and enjoys her little-little mischiefs.

Mrs.Roy started remaining busy, now she had lots of work to handle. She was unable to spend time with his family. One day while she was at work, a father came with his daughter to get her a new toy, seeing that she started missing Ananya and what followed was something amazing. Her hands crept into her purse and she took out her phone. She then started gazing at the pictures that were sent to her from Ananya’s school. Actually, the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. It was a neat application, very easy to use. Through Vawsum she got the pictures of Ananya which, always, makes her day.

There are millions of Mrs.Roy out there, working day and night, unknown to the activities of her daughter/son. But you all don’t need to worry anymore. All thanks to VAWSUM, the unknown becomes known with the click of a button.

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