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The Educational App that reduces the pressure on School-bus drivers

As the horizon for technology is expanding day by day and with it, the world is becoming a better place to live in. We are all better off than we were yesterday, and we would be better off tomorrow than we are today. Technological advancement has made this world, a better place to live in.

Driving a bus has always been a very tedious job, where one has to put in hours of hard work in order to earn money. And, then, if the bus is a school bus, the responsibility just gets doubled. Driving a school bus is never easy. Picking up students every morning and dropping them to schools can be a very hectic job indeed, and the added responsibility of reaching school on time can make the job even more difficult. On top of that, constant phone calls from parents and the school authority can be very annoying. This often results in the drivers compromising on the safety norms that should be followed. This can, in turn, hamper the safety of the child.

But, the bus drivers need not worry anymore because VAWSUM is here. Using the app, one doesn’t need to answer queries over the phone as every parent would get the live location of the bus on their app. And as a result, the drivers can put their full focus on driving. This assures the safety of the students. VAWSUM also provides the facility of easy new driver onboarding with in-app multi-stop route navigation. All these makes VAWSUM the most loved app among the school-bus drivers.

Many schools have already taken up this initiative to use VAWSUM in order to track school buses and this has indeed resulted in a better relationship and understanding between the parents, the drivers and the school authorities. This has also resulted in the betterment of the security of the students. If you too want to maintain harmony and understanding between the teachers, the parents, the authorities and the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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The Positive Impact of taking Attendance, using VAWSUM.

“Eighty percent of the Achievement is Showing Up” – Woody Allen

A number of studies have found some form of positive correlation between performance and showing up. Success and discipline are proportionating to one another. One cannot succeed unless that person is regular in his/her work.

Such has been the case in education as well. Studies say that the school with a higher rate of attendance has been found to have better performance. Over the years, schools have tried adapting to various ways in order to reduce absenteeism and it has been noticed, that the schools that could do so have had an upward curve as far as performance is concerned.

Many schools across India are strengthening their class attendance policies by using VAWSUM. VAWSUM has been the cornerstone of the success of most schools. the attendance module of the app has revolutionized the ways of taking attendance. When a teacher takes attendance using VAWSUM, the parent of the child gets notified there and then. As a result, there is very little provision for the child, not to be present (without a valid reason), as he/she knows that his/her parents would be notified. This results in an increase in attendance. When a child is present in the school, his/her class involvement increases and this enhances the growth of the child. This method of taking attendance promotes presenteeism as part of the discourse of learners.

“I love this feature of the app as this helps me being informed whether my child actually goes to school or not. I will tell about this feature to all of my friends.” – quoted one parent, when asked about this feature of the app. Now the point to be noted here is, “…. I will tell about this feature to all of my friends.”. This means that the parents, indirectly, becomes the ambassadors the school and this helps in the branding of the school. As more people get to know about the school, more students would seek admission and thus, helping in the expansion on the school.

The effect of this attendance module on schools has been huge. Students started coming to school regularly, ON TIME, schools started to have a better turnover during admission and this, enhances the parent-teacher communication. VAWSUM has really been a perfect foundation, helping in the growth and enhancement of each and every student. If you too want a consistent rise in the attendance of the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.


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VAWSUM : Paving the Way for a Better tomorrow

Today, we live in a digital world, in which ‘Facebook’ is the third largest community. The advancement of technology has broken down all barriers and has made the world a better place to live in. A bomb blast in California brings tears to the eyes of a person living in the villages of Myanmar; when some tribal girl from a remote village in Rajasthan cracks the Indian Administrative Exam, a person from New York becomes proud of her success; a step on the moon brings joy to the whole earth even though the moon is 384 thousand kilometers away from the earth; this is all because of the improvement in telecommunication.
Telecommunication has indeed transformed this world into a global village. With just one click of the button, we get information about the remotest place on earth. That is the power of telecommunication in our lives. Technology has had an impact on each and every sphere of our lives. From buying books to booking tickets, from banking to shopping – “online” market has taken its toll on everything.
Technology has had an unique impact when it comes to the educational sector. The quality of education has become better after the infusion of technology. It is not only helping education advance at an exponential rate but is also bridging the gap between the parent, teacher and school authorities when it comes to school. Schools have taken a stride toward digitization in order to save time, resources and energy. Payment of school bills, tracking of the school bus, official works and studies – there are different apps helping us in different sections. But then again the problem remains, which app should one go for?
VAWSUM decided to answer this question. In order to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and school administration, VAWSUM has brought with it features that will help parents track their child’s attendance, the child’s test scores, the child’s progress in a particular subject, the location of the child’s school bus, payment of the child’s fees and much more, all under ONE platform. VAWSUM helps teachers communicate better with the parents. Using VAWSUM, the teachers can take the attendance, maintain the contact details of the students and their parents, make important announcements, create events (parents can give feedbacks in this regard), make a poll (this helps when you want to go for excursions or picnics), send personal messages to the parents (this helps when a teacher has to inform a parent regarding a child on regular basis), upload YouTube links, picture and videos, and much more, all under THE SAME platform. And for the school, it helps during admission, helps during placement drive and when there is a strong bond between the teacher and the parent, it is bound to help in boosting the reputation of the school. All this, and much more, makes VAWSUM the most loved app of the modern times, as evidenced by its successful partnership with more than 1000 schools across India. The gist of the testimonials from the users is, “Wow, some app it is.”
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Go digital now, or regret later!

“Our Youth has surprised the world with its IT Skills. Our ancestors used to play with snakes, we play with a mouse.” – Narendra Modi.

In order to transform the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of information technology, the Government of India has launched the Digital India Program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge. India is, indeed, taking giant strides from “developing” to “developed”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘Digital India’ is moving towards its goal of quick pace.

“When you think of the exponential speed and scale of expansion of social media or a service, you have to believe that it is equally possible to rapidly transform the lives of those who have long stood on the margins of hope. So, friends out of this conviction were born the vision of Digital India” quoted Narendra Modi.

Today in India, E-governance has taken up the old traditional form of governance, e-mode of education has taken up the old model of studies, e-banking has taken up the traditional methods of banking. In each and every aspect of our life, we see digitalization. There cannot be a better time to go digital. The number of internet user have increased at the rate of knots. Digital India Program has been a catalyst who has increased the rate at which we attain the tag ‘Developed’.

“Strike the iron when it’s hot”, we are all acquainted with this idiom but are we seriously doing this?

At a time, when the internet is easily accessible and smartphones have become affordable when full India is up for digitalization, it’s time that we too take a stride toward it. There cannot be a better time than now.

  1. The accessibility of internet has increased by about 63% in the last two years.
  2. The government has launched an aggressive expansion of the National Optical Fibre Network that will take broadband to the 600,000 villages of our country.
  3. The government is on the go of building I-ways and want to connect all the schools and colleges.
  4. The government is expanding the supply of public Wi-Fi hotspots. “we want to ensure that free Wi-Fi is not only there in airport lounges, but also on our railway platforms. Teaming up with Google, we will cover 500 railway stations in a short time”, quoted Narendra Modi.
  5. The government has taken up the initiative to turn all the villages of India into smart economic hubs and connect all the farmers better with markets and makes them less vulnerable to the whims of weather.

As mentioned earlier, with the internet being easily accessible and the smartphones being easily affordable, Digital India Program has set the perfect platform for India to be a digital powerhouse. And the best part is, the government is giving the highest importance to data privacy and security, intellectual rights and cybersecurity.

So, from creating the infrastructure to services, from the manufacture of products to human resource development, from support governments to enabling citizens and promoting digital literacy, Digital India is a vast cyber world of opportunities for each and every individual. At a time, when the opportunities are high; where we have the talent, enterprise, and skills to succeed; where we are in a perfect partnership with the United States of America, procrastination is not an option.

Let today be the day when you remember the lines of Swami Vivekananda, “Arise! Awake! Stop not till your goal is achieved.”, and help India to become Digital because “If not now, then never”. Jai Hind!

Parent – School relation just became awesome, with VAWSUM

Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before- if we will allow it” – Jenny Arledge


Over the past few decades, giant strides had been taken in the technological front. But the greatest achievement that had taken place is the influence of technology on education. The first time that technology was used for education was in the mid-1600s. But a lot has changed since then. By the early 1980s when IBM created the first PC, many schools had computers in use.

When you look back at the chronicle of the history of technology in education, you will be able to see that technology has brought vast improvements in the teaching and availability of classroom equipment that empowers teachers and enhances student learning.

Introduction of Mobile App in education has been a success as it has not only helped in the betterment of the student-school relationship but has also boosted the parent-school relationship. Parents need not worry anymore about the whereabouts of their ward. “Just a click”-that is all that’s needed. And, if that one click is for VAWSUM, then the relationship is assured to be awesome. With VAWSUM:

  1. Payment of fees has become easier

Gone are the days when one had to go to school, stand in big queues, wait for hours, write so much of information and finally, getting the chance to pay the school fees. Now, we can do all these with just a click of a button. And that’s not all. In VAWSUM, your personal information is never shared with anyone. We use 256-bit encryption for your data protection, the same security that is used by banks.

  1. Get regular updates about all the school activities

Staying in touch with your wards whereabout in school has never been this easy. Regular homework, regular attendance, regular list of events, announcements, pictures, videos and all would be updated on a regular basis. All in all, VAWSUM app makes sure that every parent is in touch with their wards day to day hereabouts.

  1. You can now track school bus as well

Yes, you heard it correct. One can now easily get the real-time locations of the school bus of your ward. So, VAWSUM is the app you would want to use because we assure you the complete security of your child. And this in a way boosts the parent-school relationship, as both, the school bus and the student, would be on time.

  1. Teachers and parent can interact via personal message over this app

VAWSUM helps any teacher/parent have an interaction with any parent/teacher, without having to share any personal details. So, this boosts the teacher-parent relationship. In a world, where people have everything but time, this would act as the perfect bridge between the teacher and the parent.

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Digital India : The Dawn of a New Beginning

“The leading digital cities are leveraging technology to connect disadvantaged citizens with critical information and services, promote citizen inclusion in important government processes and share government data with the public,” said Teri Takai, executive director of the Center for Digital Government.

India has more than 1.4 million schools (Government, Public and Private) educating over 227 million students. Being one of the world’s largest education systems in the world it needs constant upgradation. Our country is the second largest market for e-learning after the US.

With an unprecedented level of competition in every sphere of life, sending children to ‘the perfect’ school has turned one of the biggest challenges for young parents. How can we choose the best school? Well, the best school for your child is the school that sees the possibilities in your child that do not exist in the present and are ready to work hard to bring them about while other schools are the schools that are ready to work on the possibilities that they already see in your child. The thin line that separates the best from the rest is the willingness to explore beyond the unexplored.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale once said “… India thinks tomorrow and the world think day after”. India has always been the center of excellence. In order to explore beyond the unexplored, India has taken a e-jump. At a time when our Prime Minister, Sri.Narendra Modi, appeals for a Digital India, if asked what is required for INDIA to awake into that Heaven of freedom of self-dependence would be to have something (not someone) that can act as our Personal Assistant.

In a scenario like this, what should the schools do? Well, if the school wants to be the best then the school also needs to adapt to this e-jump if the school wants to be on the same platform with the rest of the world. Only if you are on the same platform, can you explore beyond the unexplored, isn’t it?

According to a report published in “The Hindu”, around 4000 schools are expected to go digital.

The impact of learning through visual presentations, 3D models, and other innovative ways will be three to four times more on the students compared to the normal classroom teaching. It will be easy for them to recall the concepts. Also, even if students miss a class they can view the lesson at their home and attend next class without lagging behind,” said the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Many schools in many cities have taken up this initiative to go Digital. The smart class has overtaken the old conventional methods of learning. Cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai are using technology to connect to the unconnected. The infusion of technology into education has indeed revolutionized the modern way of learning.

Gone are the traditional ways of teaching. Smartboards are overtaking blackboards. The number of the visual learner, auditory learner, and kinesthetic learner are increasing with every passing day. The electronic mode of studies has been a giant stride towards Digital India, a campaign launched by our Prime Minister, Sri.Narendra Modi on the 1st of July,2015.

“The pace at which people are taking to digital technology defies our stereotypes of age, education, language, and income. I like recounting my meeting with a group of unlettered tribal women in a remote part of Gujarat. They were present at a local milk chilling plant I was inaugurating. They were using cell phones to take photographs of the event. I asked them what they would do with the images. The answer was a surprise for me. They said, they would go back, have the images downloaded on to a computer and take printouts. Yes, they were familiar with the language of our digital world. And, farmers in Maharashtra state have created a WhatsApp group to share information on farming practices.”- Narendra Modi

Let us all support this noble cause. Let us go Digital. Jai Hind!

Paying Fees online: Let us do it the VAWSUM way

As the horizon for digitalization is expanding with every passing day, the world is getting closer and closer. The world has become a global village, where we want everything in the tip of our fingers. We live in a fast-moving world and it becomes difficult at times to take out little time for our own selves. In a world like this, how much time do we have to pay the fees of our child? A question worth asking.

Some schools require the fee to be paid once a year, while others require payments every quarter or every month! Then there are different bills for different expense heads – tuition, hostel, laboratory and mess fees and so on and so forth! Imagine the problems one has to face if you fail to take out that little time on the date of paying the fees. Or imagine the hassle that one has to face if she/he wants to go to the school counter, stand in big queues and finally having the chance to pay the fees. Who has so much time? And over that, any delay in paying the fee can be embarrassing for you and your kid.

And on the part of management, they also need to hire staff in order to collect the fees and maintain records of them. It creates “loads of hassle” and “increase in costs.”

Well, it is time you looked at faster and more convenient methods of making school fee payment from the comfort of your home, without having to stand in long school queues.

Many schools have already come up with the idea to get rid of the old conventional way of paying fees by accepting fees on the online platform, VAWSUM ( an app, whose performance is Very AWeSOMe)

VAWSUM brings THE one stop solution to all your problems

  • With VAWSUM, you can now pay the fees in a much easier way, at your own convenience. One can easily take up the ease of paying the fee online through Debit cards, credit cards, Net Banking, E-wallets etc.
  • With VAWSUM, you don’t need to waste your priceless time by standing in long queues for hours after hours. Just pay fees online instantly and relax. Save time and relieve yourself out of the stress associated with paying your child’s fees in person.
  • With VAWSUM, you will have the assurance that money is not misplaced. No one will want their hard-earned money to be misplaced.
  • With VAWSUM as the mediator between the parents and the school, you are getting assurance from the Brand that has Patanjali and Hindustan Unilever as their client

VAWSUM serves as the perfect BRIDGE between a parent and a school when it comes to payment of fees. If you want to save more time and get all the PAYMENT of FEES related issues DONE, on TIME, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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Should Homework be digitalized?

“Persistence is important in an endeavor. Whether it is finishing your Home Work, completing school, working late to finish a project, or “finishing the drill” in sports. Winners persist to the point of sacrifice in order to achieve your goals.” – Leon F “Lee” Ellis.

Homework has been the topic of concern for all students and teachers for a long time. And ever since the inception of Smartphones, the rate of doing homework has declined per student. Students are busier nowadays over the phone.

From a journey of “My dog ate my homework” to “I didn’t get the time/didn’t know/forgot” the phones became smarter.

In this world of digitalization, where everything is in the tip of our finger. We are port of that digital phase in which Kindle has revolutionized the way of reading books. Different apps have changed the old traditional method of class into a smart class. Where we can do online courses, why can’t homework be done over the net? It’s time to revolutionize. It is time to change.

What’s a change if the change is not awesome, and that is why you should use VAWSUM.

An app that is friendly to parents, students and school authorities has brought out yet another feature to help students and teachers. Now, the teacher can upload homework over the app and students can do the homework and upload it. Isn’t this amazing?

This method of doing homework is actually like giving your child the dish he/she loves, with the nutrients that you want. Just imagine a parent giving Pizza made of brinjal because the child loves brinjal. That’s how amazing this new feature is.

  • Students would love to do this type of homework as shifting paper-based homework to an online platform can make students enjoy the assignment. And when students enjoy an assignment, they are more likely to complete it and do a better job.
  • Online platform can be more enjoyable than a written platform as it gives students the opportunity to continue the class discussion at home. The online platform can be very interactive as students can read their classmates’ uploaded homework and leave comments.
  • Assigning a digital form of homework means one doesn’t have missing assignments.
  • For the teachers, checking homework uploaded on the app would be much easier than checking paper assignments. Teachers don’t need to carry home piles of paperwork and can check the homework any time he/she wants to.


Online method of doing homework is a great way to keep the interest of the students high. Students are really bored with the traditional methods of doing homework. They want something new. Let us make the change. Let us go Very AWeSoME with VAWSUM.

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10 Ways to become a MILLENNIAL Parent With VAWSUM

Of all the ways in which VAWSUM has helped a parent become a MILLENIAL parent, let us focus on ten such ways.

  1. Bridging the parent and the teacher

In today’s fast-moving world, we all have pretty less time. Usually, both the parents are working. In a situation like this, parents barely get the opportunity to meet the teachers and vice versa. But one need not worry anymore, because, VAWSUM is here. VAWSUM has been specially designed to bridge the gap between a parent and a teacher. From the attendance of a student to their homework, from the school bus to the school fees, VAWSUM has solutions to all your problems. This app is a perfect stop to solve all the communication issues.

  1. Toe to toe with Digitalization

Students nowadays tend to be active on “social media” almost all day long. Parents often complain saying “My child is always busy over his/her phone.”. This is where VAWSUM plays the masterstroke. Our venture of using “Digital Media” in order to transform the modern way of communication in school has been a grand success. Students have again taken likeness in diary works, all because, its digital.

  1. Each one, plant one

We are all acquainted with the term “Each one, plant one”. Yes, we need to save our environment. Apart from afforestation, another way to save trees would be by stopping deforestation. If we don’t cut trees, then we can actually help in increasing the number of surviving trees. VAWSUM has taken up this initiative to transform the old way of using paper for school works like maintaining attendance, collecting fees, sending daily reports and all other diary work into our phones. Yes, usage of VAWSUM app actually helps in the reduction of usage of papers and thus, saving trees. Therefore, it should not only be said “Each One, Plant One” but we should also say “Each one, Use VAWSUM

  1. Time is money

Good news for all the ones who are working and cannot come to school every day for the daily updates of their ward or cannot attend the dates when fees need to be given because now you can do all these without having to miss your working hours. And teachers can actually update regarding the homework, any class or school event, any announcements or any type of personal conversation with the parents, without having to waste your time. And all because of VAWSUM. VAWSUM brings fee payment, taking attendance, regular updates regarding class and much more at the tip of our fingers. So, this is an app, tailor-made for you.

  1. Easy to pay the Fees of your child

Good news for parents as now, you don’t need to waste your precious time by standing in long queues outside the fee counter of your child in order to pay the fees. Good news for the teachers as a lot of administrative work is reduced when parents can directly pay for their child’s school fee and you can settle the payments into your accounts without doing any paperwork. So, all in all, VAWSUM is the app to be used when you want to clear the school fees of your child.

  1. Security and Reliability

Safety is never an issue with VAWSUM. Your private data including your mobile number, email address, bank account number and everything other personal details are never shared with anyone. We use 256-bit encryption for protecting your data, the same that bank uses.

  1. You don’t need to worry about the location of the school bus

VAWSUM now brings with it another feature in the app. You can now tack the school bus of your child directly from your home with just a click of your phone from your house. You don’t need to wait for the bus at the bus stop. You will get real-time locations and SMS updates.

  1. Students can do what they want to do

“The only way to do great work is love what you do”, said Steve Jobs and this is so true. The only way by which, someone would love their work is by doing what you love. Students love the digital world and studies say, a student in an average spends more time on the digital platform than with their books. So, in a time like this, the best way to enhance the child’s growth is if to merge studies with the Digital Platform. VAWSUM has been instrumental in this aspect and has had a positive response from the students, in this aspect.

  1. 24*7 Customer Service

At VAWSUM, we value our customer. We have an unbeatable customer support, something that everyone craves for. We provide 24*7 online as well as offline onsite support for all our customers. Our customer service is really “WOW” and not just a mere wow.

10. Assures a Very AWeSomE experience

The very fact that VAWSUM stands for V-very AWSUM-awesome sums it all up. Here, in VAWSUM, we believe in one goal, and that is, to give students, teachers, and parents a very awesome experience. From keeping a track of attendance to tracking down school bus, from helping in paying fees on the correct date to getting knowledge about the dates of the events and from maintaining the records of daily attendance to daily sheets, VAWSUM helps in each and every aspect. VAWSUM assures you a very awesome experience.

If you too want to have a Very Awesome experience, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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Indian Schools go digital: Quizzes revolutionized

The purpose of the quiz is not to shame or embarrass anyone, but to make sure everyone is on the same page.” – Mark Goulston

In the world that we are living in right now, with so much advancement in the technological front, the amount of time that a student can actually concentrate on something apart from smartphones or computers, is in a downward slide. The conventional method of quizzing needs to change in order to cater to the wants of the students.

Old methods of making students sit in groups, asking them questions and then marking the right or wrong sound like a dream nowadays and the reasons are:

  1. Students are very impatient

Very few students actually find it interesting to sit in one place and wait for the turn to answer. Nowadays, we hear the quizmaster say this line quite often, “Wait for your turn”. This is how impatient students have become.

  1. Students are afraid of making mistakes

Students nowadays have become social butterflies. They are always active on social media, one can very easily come across a student, who might speak like a gifted orator but when asked to go to the real spotlight, becomes hesitant. And if asked the reason, “what if I make a mistake?”, would be the reason. At a time like this, conducting quiz for ALL the students seems far from being real.


Students nowadays like to take refuge in the virtual world. In a world, where they feel comfortable, relaxed and where they feel accepted. But the question now arises, how can we have a quiz in which ALL the students participate?

After digging deep, team VAWSUM has come up with the idea of changing the traditional method of quizzing. “If the students do not want to have a quiz in the real world, why not have a quiz for them in the virtual world, in a world where they feel comfortable”, quoted one of the app designers of VAWSUM.

According to experts, cognitive psychology suggests that retrieval of information to the mind, as a process, is equivalent to learning. So, e-quizzing can turn out to be a powerful mnemonic tool which helps individuals to learn quickly and effectively.

Using VAWSUM to create an online quizzing module can serve as a great way to gauge, track and modify student learning and engagement. Use VAWSUM to build customizable and interactive quizzes by incorporating audio, video, images, animation and much more. Teachers can assign a number of success criteria. Quizzes created with VAWSUM has the added advantage of being accessible from devices.


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