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Health of the student is of the utmost priority.

All over the world kids are introduced to new sports every day. Their bodies are asked to do things in all different directions, different speeds, different ranges and different planes. In order to be successful in any sport, children first need to develop an athletic foundation and a baseline of physical fitness upon which they can excel in the sport.

Kids are essentially thrown into sports without any preparation, and left to figure it out on their own. Invariably the more physically gifted rises to the top and the rest get left behind. The end result is that so many children experience failure, and quickly quit their sport (or want to quit) before they can learn invaluable lessons like work ethic, teamwork and the satisfaction of achievement. An athletic foundation and a base level of physical fitness are so important for kids in order to avoid this failure.

Playing any sport requires certain physical and mental abilities, and these can be better developed independently from the sport itself. That’s where VAWSUM comes in. Before practicing and competing in any sport, children need to learn balance, rhythm, timing, motor control of their arms and legs, how to run properly, jump properly, change direction, good diet and so much more. Vawsum helps parents to stay connected with his/her child in the real-time wherein he/she would get to know exactly what the child is eating and how much is the child practicing. One can do this easily with the help of videos, photos, and messages. The teacher can also do one on one conversation with the parent and this would surely help when a student is not doing to his/her potential. This, thus, keeps the parent informed about what the child is doing and each parent can then push the child that extra notch if required. This would then help the child attain SUCCESS and thus, enhancing the growth of the child.

So we can see, that, VAWSUM helps in creating an atmosphere that fosters the healthy growth of the child.

Taking attendance in School has never been this easy!


“Eighty percent of the Achievement is Showing Up” – Woody Allen

A number of studies have found some form of positive correlation between performance and showing up. Success and discipline are proportionating to one another. One cannot succeed unless that person is regular in his/her work.

Such has been the case in education as well. Studies say that the school with a higher rate of attendance has been found to have better performance. Over the years, schools have tried adapting to various ways in order to reduce absenteeism and it has been noticed, that the schools that could do so have had an upward curve as far as performance is concerned.

Many schools across India are strengthening their class attendance policies by using VAWSUM. VAWSUM has been the cornerstone of the success of most schools. the attendance module of the app has revolutionized the ways of taking attendance. When a teacher takes attendance using VAWSUM, the parent of the child gets notified there and then. As a result, there is very little provision for the child, not to be present (without a valid reason), as he/she knows that his/her parents would be notified. This results in an increase in attendance. When a child is present in the school, his/her class involvement increases and this enhances the growth of the child. This method of taking attendance promotes presenteeism as part of the discourse of learners.

“I love this feature of the app as this helps me being informed whether my child actually goes to school or not. I will tell about this feature to all of my friends.” – quoted one parent, when asked about this feature of the app. Now the point to be noted here is, “…. I will tell about this feature to all of my friends.”. This means that the parents, indirectly, becomes the ambassadors the school and this helps in the branding of the school. As more people get to know about the school, more students would seek admission and thus, helping in the expansion on the school.

The effect of this attendance module on schools has been huge. Students started coming to school regularly, ON TIME, schools started to have a better turnover during admission and this, enhances the parent-teacher communication. VAWSUM has really been a perfect foundation, helping in the growth and enhancement of each and every student. If you too want a consistent rise in the attendance of the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.


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Let’s get in touch with the best way to do Homework.

“Persistence is important in an endeavor. Whether it is finishing your Home Work, completing school, working late to finish a project, or “finishing the drill” in sports. Winners persist to the point of sacrifice in order to achieve your goals.” – Leon F “Lee” Ellis.

Homework has been the topic of concern for all students and teachers for a long time. And ever since the inception of Smartphones, the rate of doing homework has declined per student. Students are busier nowadays over the phone.

From a journey of “My dog ate my homework” to “I didn’t get the time/didn’t know/forgot” the phones became smarter.

In this world of digitalization, where everything is in the tip of our finger. We are port of that digital phase in which Kindle has revolutionized the way of reading books. Different apps have changed the old traditional method of class into a smart class. Where we can do online courses, why can’t homework be done over the net? It’s time to revolutionize. It is time to change.

What’s a change if the change is not awesome, and that is why you should use VAWSUM.

An app that is friendly to parents, students and school authorities has brought out yet another feature to help students and teachers. Now, the teacher can upload homework over the app and students can do the homework and upload it. Isn’t this amazing?

This method of doing homework is actually like giving your child the dish he/she loves, with the nutrients that you want. Just imagine a parent giving Pizza made of brinjal because the child loves brinjal. That’s how amazing this new feature is.

  • Students would love to do this type of homework as shifting paper-based homework to an online platform can make students enjoy the assignment. And when students enjoy an assignment, they are more likely to complete it and do a better job.
  • Online platform can be more enjoyable than a written platform as it gives students the opportunity to continue the class discussion at home. The online platform can be very interactive as students can read their classmates’ uploaded homework and leave comments.
  • Assigning a digital form of homework means one doesn’t have missing assignments.
  • For the teachers, checking homework uploaded on the app would be much easier than checking paper assignments. Teachers don’t need to carry home piles of paperwork and can check the homework any time he/she wants to.


Online method of doing homework is a great way to keep the interest of the students high. Students are really bored with the traditional methods of doing homework. They want something new. Let us make the change. Let us go Very AWeSoME with VAWSUM.

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Why Pay Fees Using Vawsum?

As the horizon for digitalization is expanding with every passing day, the world is getting closer and closer. The world has become a global village, where we want everything in the tip of our fingers. We live in a fast-moving world and it becomes difficult at times to take out little time for our own selves. In a world like this, how much time do we have to pay the fees of our child? A question worth asking.

Some schools require the fee to be paid once a year, while others require payments every quarter or every month! Then there are different bills for different expense heads – tuition, hostel, laboratory and mess fees and so on and so forth! Imagine the problems one has to face if you fail to take out that little time on the date of paying the fees. Or imagine the hassle that one has to face if she/he wants to go to the school counter, stand in big queues and finally having the chance to pay the fees. Who has so much time? And over that, any delay in paying the fee can be embarrassing for you and your kid.

And on the part of management, they also need to hire staff in order to collect the fees and maintain records of them. It creates “loads of hassle” and “increase in costs.”

Well, it is time you looked at faster and more convenient methods of making school fee payment from the comfort of your home, without having to stand in long school queues.

Many schools have already come up with the idea to get rid of the old conventional way of paying fees by accepting fees on the online platform, VAWSUM ( an app, whose performance is Very AWeSOMe)

VAWSUM brings THE one stop solution to all your problems

  • With VAWSUM, you can now pay the fees in a much easier way, at your own convenience. One can easily take up the ease of paying the fee online through Debit cards, credit cards, Net Banking, E-wallets etc.
  • With VAWSUM, you don’t need to waste your priceless time by standing in long queues for hours after hours. Just pay fees online instantly and relax. Save time and relieve yourself out of the stress associated with paying your child’s fees in person.
  • With VAWSUM, you will have the assurance that money is not misplaced. No one will want their hard-earned money to be misplaced.
  • With VAWSUM as the mediator between the parents and the school, you are getting assurance from the Brand that has Patanjali and Hindustan Unilever as their client

VAWSUM serves as the perfect BRIDGE between a parent and a school when it comes to payment of fees. If you want to save more time and get all the PAYMENT of FEES related issues DONE, on TIME, then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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The benefits of having a poll in class.


Before the birth of a child, the family decides whether the delivery would take place in a nursing home or a hospital. Then the name of the child is also decided after consulting everyone. Then, what the child should wear or what the child should eat is also decided by the parent. Which school should the child be admitted to or how the child should be going to school, everything is decided by the parent. This solely happens because each and every parent loves their child beyond any measure. Each parent knows what is the best for their child. Each parent is concerned about the security of their child.

For a parent, love is not just an emotion but also making certain decisions. A parent wants to be involved in each and every decision making situation where their child is concerned. But the one problem that still remains is, voicing opinion when it comes to taking decisions regarding school events. For example, it might just happen that a parent doesn’t want his/her child to go for the picnic to a zoo but because he/she has no other options, the parent has to send the child to the zoo. So in that case, what should be done? Should the parent have no say in deciding the field assignment of his/her child? The answer is “A parent should be able to voice his/her opinion in taking any decision when it comes to their child”. But, then again, is this possible? The answer once again is Yes. What seemed impossible is now possible, all thanks to VAWSUM.

Just imagine that you are a parent. One morning you wake up and see that the teacher of your child’s school has asked you for your opinion in terms of the place where your child should be taken for a class assessment. You can see few options and all you need to do I to click on the option that you want. Or, imagine you are a teacher. If you can ask for the opinions of the parent, then how much workload gets decreased? All you need to do is to ask a question and provide with some relevant options. The option that receives the highest vote can be taken as the perfect foundation based on which, the decision can be taken. Taking decision, thus, for a teacher can become a lot easier with the help of VAWSUM . And, all these can actually be beneficial in the long run as this feature enhances the engagement between a parent and a teacher and thus fostering the child growth as well.

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International Women’s Day it is!

It’s incredible and unbelievable to see many roles a woman plays in her life. From being a daughter to being a sister, from being a wife to being a mother – she has the immense capability to adjust to each and every phase of her life. She is the epitome of success. She is the synonym for love, joy, happiness, kindness and all the good things of life. She is the solution to all our problems. She is the pillar of the society. Not only is she beautiful externally but her inner beauty is incomparable.

In India, being a girl isn’t easy. When she is born, she has to be fair as “fairness” defines beauty(according to the Indian society). Then, when she is an infant, she has to put on a “big black dot” or else “Nazar lagjayega” (that is exactly what the society says). Ridiculous! And the irony is, the society that has set “FAIRNESS” as the benchmark to be termed as “BEAUTIFUL” puts a “DARK DOT(teeka)” to protect BEAUTY. What sarcasm!

Then comes her phase of being a toddler. Well’ being a toddler, defenseless, she has to escape from the cunning eyes of the hungry adults who are ready to pounce on her. Yes, reality hurts but this is the truth. Let’s not run away from it as the fact is, in India, the rate of rape for girls who are below the age of 2 has increased at an alarming rate. But, maybe, SHE didn’t dress properly, isn’t it?

Then she steps into one of the most beautiful phases of her life. She steps into the age in which she can start going to school. But here also lies the irony of her life, “school” has different meanings for different sections of the society. Some get the privilege of actually going to school to study while, for most, that remains a distant dream. While the former has a theoretical experience of  “Child Trafficking”, “Child Molestation” or “Prostitution”, the latter experiences it in their practical life. This is exactly how this phase is. The phase of “BEAUTIFUL UNCERTAINTY”.

Then comes one of the funniest phases of her life. The phase in which she jumps from adolescence to become a teen. A phase in which she has to offer ‘Anjali’ to a Goddess(yes, a Goddess and not a God) but has to struggle to be treated as a human being at times (try visiting a rural village). A phase in which she is offered blood and worshipped but if she offers blood then she is stopped from entering a place of worship. A phase in which she has to give up education at times because her parents want their son to study. A phase in which she is made to get married young because she is she and not he. A phase in which she has to keep a check on what she wears. Oops! No! She has to keep a check on “what the society wants her to wear”.  A guy litters the road with streams of running water, then no one bats an eye but, if a girl wears jeans, then the eyes of most individual pops out of the socket. Funny, isn’t it?

Then comes the ultimate irony i.e. the stage in which she finds a new home. With this phase comes in a new home, a new family, new environment, new expectations and a new surname. Amidst all this newness, she is expected to be on her toes from the word go. She is expected to wake up every morning and cook – do all the household chores – look after the family – go to work – come back home on time – again do the household chores and every morning, she has to press the REPEAT button over and over again. Then one fine day, she becomes a mother. Her responsibility increases. She starts loving her baby without any barriers. She loves without ceasing. She loves without conditions. But here lies the next irony of her life. The child gets the name of his/her father. Funny, isn’t it? But does it matter to her? No. It certainly doesn’t. Her love remains unaltered. Maybe Shakespeare was influenced by a woman when he wrote: “What’s in a name?”

Amidst all the hypocrisy of the society, women have reached from the earth to the moon. They have climbed the highest mountain. They have achieved everything. From sacrificing a child for the fight for independence to protecting a child from the independent, she has done it all. She is the pinnacle of success and the face of the strength. Maybe that is why, even after facing all the tantrums of the society, she still finds a reason to love them back. From being inside the womb to carrying a baby inside the womb, from being a daughter to being a mother, from being a sister to being a sister-in-law: she does everything with a smile. And what does the society do in return? Be a hypocrite for 364 days of the year and spread awareness one the 1 day that is left.

Dear society, if you really want to spread awareness, then do it all throughout the year. Why only one day? If you really want to spread awareness then please stop acting like a hypocrite.
As the world celebrates “International Woman’s Day” team VAWSUM takes this opportunity to greet all the women out there and we request the society to remove the curtain from their eyes as only then can this world be a better place to live in. It can really be easily said that behind every successful man there might be a good woman but behind a successful independent nation, there have to be many women.


“The thirsty students of our school have found the perfect way to quench their thirst for success.” – Principal, Catholic Ashram, Bhurkunda

The first and the foremost way to achieve success is to show up. Maybe, there lies the problem with the present generation. Young people don’t realize that the thirst to succeed can only be quenched by the water from the fountain of showing up. Without showing up, success can only be a dream. Just imagine, had Newton not showed up under the tree when the apple fell then how different physics would have been. Same way, there are a lot of such “apples” around us and so are the “Newton’s” but what lacks is the will to show up in the right moment at the right time.

Such was the case with my school as well. Opportunities were always knocking but the availability of students was a concern. Catholic Ashram School, Bhurkunda had enough “apples” to attract the “Newton(s)” but some way or the other, it was kind of impossible to get all the “Newton(s)” under the same roof at one given time. This resulted in an overall decrease in the academics of, firstly, the student and then, the school as a whole. We always wanted to find a solution to this problem. The solution finally came in the form of an online application. Yes, you read it right. An Online APP!

Ever since the introduction of the app, the attendance of our school has gone up. The attendance module of this app has revolutionized the whole curriculum system of our school. Students are barely absent and even if they are, their parents always let us know about the correct reason. This has been made by the awesome feature of this app and that is, using this app, our teachers can take attendance and the parent gets instant notifications. Now because of this, all students have second thoughts before being absent without reason (one of the most common reason – “Bunking” could finally be encountered). Absenteeism has gone down, and as the curriculum of a student is inversely proportional to absenteeism, so the curriculum has kind of showcased hyper-inflatory characters. Showing up has indeed helped the students succeed. Regular attendance has been the perfect catalyst in helping the students of our school to take that jump from being an average student to an excellent student.

I believe that by now you all have understood which app I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about VAWSUM. Ever since the introduction of VAWSUM, the thirsty students of our school have found the perfect way to quench their thirst for success.

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The Benefits of Using VAWSUM to share Educational Contents.

The wind of “Digital India” has blown away all the narrow domestic walls that had ever separated the Rural from the Urban in India. With every passing day, India is slowly, but surely, taking strides towards becoming a digital village. Now, the best thing about this digital village is, we need not go about searching for the needle in the haystack. On the contrary, the needle automatically surrenders with the click of just one button. That’s the power of digitalization.

Centuries ago, one had to wait for months in order to talk to a person living in a far-off land. At times, months became years due to drawbacks in the communication facilities. But things have changed. We have become wiser. Digitalization has been the catalyst for our improvement.

With all these achievements, it becomes easier for parents as well. Now, they can easily stay in touch with the day to day work of their child. How? The answer lies in one simple, yet powerful catalyst and i.e. VAWSUM, a parent-teacher engagement app. It has bridged the gap in the parent-teacher communication front. Using VAWSUM, a parent stays connected to his/her child in every aspect of his journey. Be it in his academics or extra-curricular activities. It was only yesterday that a parent had to rely solely on the student to know about the syllabus, study plan, daily circulars in school, assignments or school magazine. But that is not the case anymore as using this awesome App, a teacher can be updated each and every parent regularly. Using this App, a teacher can send files in the format: PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPTX or DOCX.

Of all the benefits that come with sending files, the most notable ones are:


Gone are the days when one had to print bulks of paper in order to pass on the syllabus to the parents. That’s not it. The headache of the parent associated with receiving the syllabus via the student is also quite high as there is a high chance of the syllabus being misplaced. But parent and teacher don’t need to worry anymore. Using VAWSUM, just one click ensures that the syllabus reaches the parent. NO CHANCES OF IT BEING MISPLACED. NO WASTAGE OF PAPER. Isn’t it awesome?


“Sending the STUDY PLAN to parents has never been this awesome. Thanks to VAWSUM.” – Mrs. Helena Paul, Principal, Model High School

This one line sums it all up. If you doubt this statement, then you should definitely try VAWSUM.


Need to send circulars to parents with full safety, such that there is no scope for it getting misplaced? Then try VAWSUM. With just a click, you can send the circular and in the blink of an eye, the parents would receive the same. THERE IS NO CHANCE OF IT BEING MISPLACED.


It is quite often that a teacher receives a complain that a student had no clue about a particular assignment. A student might give many reasons behind this. There can be hundreds of stories. But with VAWSUM, those stories are never unfolding as with VAWSUM, a teacher can send the daily assignments on a regular basis to the parents of each and every student. Once the parent receives the same, the parents of the student can ensure that the assignment is completed on time. Thus, there won’t be anymore complaining about the assignment not being. Thus, sending the assignment directly to each parent can indeed be a masterstroke.

  1. Sending School Magazines

“Sir/Ma’am, I was absent yesterday. Can you please give me the magazine today?” – All teachers can relate to this question. Distribution of school magazines can be a very hectic job but thanks to VAWSUM, it is no longer so. Now with just one click of a button and within the blink of an eye, the softcopy of the magazine can easily be sent to the parent. Thus, this reduces the pressure on the teachers when the distributions of magazines are concerned.

Now, the best feature of VAWSUM is, a teacher can do all these and much more, WITHOUT DISCLOSING HIS/HER PERSONAL DETAILS (not even the phone number). Now, this is what makes us better than the rest.

Many have already taken shelter under the umbrella of VAWSUM. It is time for you to do the same.

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“A salesman who sells happiness.” – Principal, Fundamental Science School, Bhurkunda

“I am standing on the seashore and playing with pebbles and in front of me lies an ocean of undiscovered truth.” – Sir Isaac Newton

How wonderfully explained is this line! Many a pebble has already been overturned and an ocean of undiscovered truth truly awaits. Some pebbles have been overturned for the betterment of our lifestyle while some for education. Some may be for this while some maybe for that. But the one truth is, all have been for the betterment of the society, and, well, there lies the problem. Everyone is just bothered about one section of the “society” and i.e. towards the urban section of our country. Most people are hardly bothered about the rural section. And, I believe, this is what separates VAWSUM from the rest.

It all started on the 24th of February, 2014. A skinny boy with a big mustache comes into my office. He called himself a salesman who sells happiness. Just tell me one thing, can you buy happiness? Certainly No! Well, this line of his actually made me eager to know what he wanted to sell. He doesn’t give an introduction about himself. With a heavy yet confident tone, he started “You are important and we in VAWSUM help you understand how important you are. VAWSUM is a parent-teacher engagement application.” There was something in his voice that made me fall for his product. Well, it was not his product anymore. On the very first day, it became my product. Meeting the product was like meeting that thing that was needed for my school to function properly.

Fundamental Science School was never deemed as “important” as it is a school established in the outskirts of Bhurkunda. With different features, VAWSUM was like the medicine that the doctor had prescribed. VAWSUM brought with it the wind of digitalization, the wind that we longed for.

Using VAWSUM, we could call ourselves digital. We could then walk toe to toe with the digital world. Our teachers and students could easily be connected to the digital front. The Homework module helped parents to be regularly updated with the homework of the child. The revolution had been the Attendance module as using this, there had been a huge decrease in the rate of absenteeism of every student. Both of these modules have indeed increased the work ethic of every student.

The number of applicant for admission has increased at a very high rate. VAWSUM has indeed been a blessing in helping us with the Branding of our institute. All in all, VAWSUM has been the magical spell that the God Almighty has cast on our school. It has been four years since that skinny salesman had stepped in and, trust me, things have indeed changed ever since then. He has indeed kept his word. Happiness has enveloped Fundamental Science School ever since then.

The benefits of sending pictures by using VAWSUM.

“Why do you Click Pictures?”- a question that we are all familiar with. The answer to this question can vary from person to person but the outcome is the same. Each picture is a prized possession for all. Be it our first day in school or the first time we stepped into college, or maybe, the time we get married or the time become a parent, each picture brings with it a thousand emotions. As the moments keep fleeting, time keeps passing and the landscape keeps changing – it becomes very important to capture every moment. For example, we will never have our “first” day in school again, or we might never run wearing that school dress again. Just imagine the smile that can spread across the face when holding such a picture in our hand? It can be priceless. A picture helps us relieve those small moments of our lives that we do not want to forget.

Every picture tells a story. And every story brings with it a smile. We, in VAWSUM, value your smile. The following is the story of one of a parent who is using VAWSUM to stay connected to her child’s school.

“Mrs.Roy recently started a new job as a cashier.  It was her second week on the job and she had some screw-ups, funny stories, weird dilemmas and some unbelievable customers. This was her first customer service job- not that she hasn’t had to deal and work with customers before, just not this much or at this level.

Mrs. Roy is a  hardworking and cheerful lady. She has a loving family, caring husband and a beautiful daughter Ananya. Mrs.Roy loves spending time with Ananya and enjoys her little-little mischief.

Mrs.Roy started remaining busy, now she had lots of work to handle. She was unable to spend time with his family. One day while she was at work, a father came with his daughter to get her a new toy, seeing that she started missing Ananya and what followed was something amazing. Her hands crept into her purse and she took out her phone. She then started gazing at the pictures that were sent to her from Ananya’s school. Actually, the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. It was a neat application, very easy to use. Through Vawsum she got the pictures of Ananya which, always, makes her day.”

This is just one instance. Let us look at another instance in which VAWSUM was successful in bringing a smile on another parents’ face.

“Rajni finished making the announcements and settled in her seat. The lights gradually went dim and the rumble grew louder. She had been an air hostess for nearly four years now but still felt uncomfortable whenever the flight made these turns and noises. However, she never let any of her inhibitions show on her face.
Life had been good to her. She had an amazing family and a husband, who listened. A smile spread across her lips as she remembered how he had surprised her by landing up at the airport with balloons to pick her up last week. Having him by his side made her stressful life a little more manageable.
Rajni noticed the mother in the third row trying to put her child to sleep. The kid would be of roughly the same age as Amit, Rajni mused. Amit had Rajesh’s eyes. He was turning out to be naughtier every day. She wished she could spend more time seeing him grow. Thankfully the School had recently started sending updates using Vawsum. So, she always looked forward to getting off the flight and get real-time updates. The picture of Amit playing with colors was just adorable! Her colleagues had all fussed about how fast Amit was growing up.”

Of all the many ways in which VAWSUM has helped in the revolution of parent-teacher engagement in the growth of a child, the one reason that has been the catalyst is the feature that allows teachers to send pictures to the parents. This feature can boost the parent-teacher engagement in many ways. Let us understand them with the help of few examples.

  • Rambo was a good boy and he used to go to school on a regular basis but he had only one problem. He was hard at remembering. As a result, he could never do his homework. Unknown to what the homework was given, his parent couldn’t help him either. This became a topic of concern for his parents. They didn’t know what to do. It was very harassing for the teacher to be bothered every day by the parents for the regular update of the homework and on the other hand, it was very difficult for his parent to contact with the teacher regularly.  And the worst part was, there were many such Rambo in the school. The situation demanded a subjugator maybe. Judging how delicately poised the situation was, the school authorities decided to use VAWSUM and that turned out to be the masterstroke. Using VAWSUM, the teacher could send the pictures of the homework for the next day. Parents sitting at home would receive the same. The contact details of the teacher won’t be shared(unlike all other engagement apps). This lessens the harassment on the part of the teachers. Along with that, a parent stays back home and gets to know about the homework set for her/his child. All the Rambos started then completing homework.This is how the feature of clicking pictures help in doing the homework on a regular basis.
  • On the 13th of February, New Model High School celebrated National Woman’s Day. Kavya played the role of a poor girl who was molested. She played her role pretty well but as it was only for the students, her parents couldn’t see her live. But all thanks to VAWSUM, her parents could at least see the picture of their daughter. Her picture brought a smile on her parents’ face. They thanked the school for using VAWSUM. 
  • Peter participated in the intraschool 100-meter race for the first time. After days of practice, he won the race. His parents could not come on the day of the event as they were out with some urgent work but that didn’t mean they missed the winning moment. The school uploaded his picture with the medal. His parents were proud of him. “Thank you Vawsum!” they exclaimed.
  • Mrs.T.Sardar uploaded the picture of the Akbar. He was the topper of the class. When his picture was uploaded, his parents were happy. He got the limelight. Everyone spoke about him. Seeing all these, Axar too wanted to be in the place where Akbar is. He too started working hard. In the following exam, there was a 23.5% increase in the marks of Axar. All these happened because Mrs.T.Sardar uploaded the picture.

There are millions of Rambo, Kavya, Peter or Axar out there. And there are certainly millions of parents who are working day and night, unknown to the activities of her daughter/son.

  1. Like the parent of Rambo, there are parents who are longing to take active participation in the day to day studies of his/her child.
  2. Like the parent of Kavya, there are parents who are willing to see their child perform but can’t.
  3. Like the parent of Peter, there are parents who have chances of missing the event of their child.
  4. Like Axar, many more can be motivated by the success of others and strive towards excellence.

But you all don’t need to worry anymore. All thanks to VAWSUM, the unknown becomes known with the click of a button. For everyone, the subjugator is here

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